99 Howard St
Toronto, ON M4X

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I've lived here for almost 7 years and up until the beginning of 2012 I was infested with roaches. I've been sprayed but they are still around. When someone around me gets sprayed, they come back. Recently noticed bites, possibly bedbugs. Alot of weed smokers in the building.

The building management is excellent but really has lowered the bar with letting just anyone move into this building.

Any updates on the bedbug thing in 2012?

Great management, but yes bedbugs too.

I lived in 99 Howard until almost the end of 2009. at first we didn't have any problems with bugs. Barely even the occasional spider, until a month before our year lease ran out. They got into everything. We started to sleep on the couch and armchair and then they got there too. Can almost make you lose your mind when you can't sleep because you know bugs are going to crawl all over your skin while you're dreaming.

We didn't get sprayed for over a we

ek because the "bug guy" wasn't scheduled to be in yet. That part ticked me off, because it should have been done immediately.

Management was, otherwise, amazing, and always very good to us. But if you choose to live there, be aware that there ARE bed bugs. Several people on my floor had them as well, earlier in the year. I'd suggest spraying your place once a month when it's available. Of course, wahs the floors and walls and surfaces before letting children or pets in, and don't go in for the whole day once it's sprayed. Better yet, stay overnight elsewhere.

Good luck fellow apartment hunters!

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