730 Ontario St
Toronto, ON M4X

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Any recent reports of bedbugs or cockroaches and how management has or hasn't dealt with it? Please give us an update!


I have rash all over my body and went to the doctor thinking that maybe was an allergy , even though I never had one.

According to him it was like bed bugs bites.

Went at home and checked and in fact there were bed bugs in my sofa bed.

I told my roommate and she had bites as well.

I live in the 6 floor

I found a bed bud todya jan-9-2011 my girlfriend got some bites this pass week 4 months ago some of the apartms got a pest control check it look that 9 floor is infect I saw some matress with black spots

January 1st, 2011 a guest stays over night and wakes the next morning with bites covering her arms and face. I check my bed and find a dead bed bug under the matress and two shed body casings. My unit is on the third floor. I will be exterminating and moving out. I seem to be the first person posting that 730 Ontario has bed bugs, yet I see matresses and couches in the trash outside the building very frequently, which leads me to believe that others are tossing their stuff when they get an infes

tation. Once a building has bed bugs how can you possibly get rid of them from every nook and craney in every apartment? Just like roaches (which this building also has) I don't think you can.

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I am unaware of bedbug infestations in the building, but I did want to let people know that there are definately incidences of cockroaches. I have seen them in my apartment as well as on the walls in the main lobby. My first encounter was in late November which continues to today. I was unaware of this issue and was informed that my apartment did not have a history of cockroaches before, and that they may be coming from the adjacent apartments. Staff have been really good at coming in to use a

gel to get rid of them on a couple of occassions but they still seem to be coming back.

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