666 Ontario St
Toronto, ON M4X

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Found 1 bed bug in July and received treatment. After treatment also found 1 more (dieing) bed bug, dieing spider beetles and what I swear looked like an oriental cockroach (which apparently are never found in buildings and usually are only in sewer systems?). Haven't seen anything since.

NO BUGS: I have been living here for almost a year now and I have never had a problem with bedbugs. One time i left an empty carton of ice cream in the garbage and when i opened the cupboard a bug (i think it was a roach) was down there. I scrambled so fast to kill it that i didn't have time to see what it was. other than that one time i have not seen a bug in my apartment. as long as you keep your place clean you should be fine.

MANAGEMENT: The management in this building is EXCELLENT! So f

riendly and very helpful! The building is well maintained with fresh coats of paint and a great maintenance guy and reasonable cleanliness.

BUILDING: As with any other high rise apartment, the hallways smell of all sorts of international foods and sometimes unidentifiable odors, but a little air freshener near your door and it won't get into your apartment. The walls are made of concrete and I have not once heard any noise from my neighbours. But beware, people in the halls can hear sounds that come from your apartment so if your into singing to yourself, someone may be listening.

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4/8/2011 One of the residents is a guy who is into bodybuilding, problem is his unit absolutely reeks of something, I can smell it from down the hall the second I step off the elevator. Naturally with the smell are signs of a massive roach and bedbug infestation. I've honestly considered calling the police because I think he might be doing a Jeffrey Dahmer in there. Also a streams of obese women in their late 30s seems to come and go from his unit. I hate to ding a place for just one problem te

nant but he is a special case. I attempted to bring my concerns to his attention and he threatened to beat the hell out of me. Thing is he is so short I think I could hold him at arms length fairly easily. I've reported him to the building management but the 50 year old lady who took my complaint seems to be buddies with him. She smells like dead people.

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I lived at this location for almost two years (on the 16th floor) and never had a bed bug problem. However, once I found one single bed bug on my windowsill and it sent me into a panic. I never found another one but was always on the lookout as I am pretty sure my neighbours had a bed bug problem.

As for cockroaches and mice. I sealed up all of the holes and cracks in the closets, around the radiators, and around the toilets etc... This worked really well. Otherwise there are mice and bugs l

iving in the walls of the entire building and they will get into your unit too.

The management here are excellent however, and you can get roach treatment or spraying every month until the problem is gone. Just have to ask and it is free.

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Never had any problems with roaches or mice (I have a cat that I suspect deters both...) but there were bedbugs in the apartment. When I reported it to management, they just handed me a leaflet about what to do and to call me when I wanted the apartment sprayed.

I bought some bug killer and took my apartment apart. Eventually found them in the bed frame and killed them all. I moved out and never have had problems since.

This is a very cheap building but NOT a clean one.


666 Ontario street
appartement 1002

Let s start by saying that the management was great And Superintendent has always helped us the best way that she could.However the facts are the facts .

1- I have never be that sick in my whole life
2- appartement was infected with insects of all species.
3- we catch a total 15 mice in that appartement . yes 15 in a period of 2 month I believe. Because our neighboor has hygiene pbs. Anyway 15 mice.
4- last but not least bedbugs. We had ne

ver heard about them before. I didn t understand where my marks came from . And then I saw them . Bedbugs .The bottom of my bed black of bedbugs. They then infectd the living room my brother bed sofa everything

we lost everything. then we move. unfortunately with them. We just had a spray. So far so good.we r going to have another spray next week.

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Every building in this neighbourhood from Howard to Wellesley from Sherbourne to Parliament is infested with Roaches. I would suspect from living in St. Jamestown that nearly everybuilding has at least a couple units with bedbugs. Just take a peak at all the trash areas, mattresses everywhere.

This is to not report an issue with bedbugs, but rather an issues with cockroaches. This building is totally infested with them. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. BEWARE. It needs to be fumigated and nothing has been done. Live here at your own peril.

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