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There are no bedbugs in this building. I have been there for over 10 years and have not witnessed it. The management over the past years has only gotten better.
The supers onsite have been excellent and care for the building. They are always cleaning up after careless tenants and continuously enforcing the rules.






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There are no bedbug encounters on record for this address.




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I have lived here going on 3 yrs. I live on the 3rd floor. There was a problem with roaches when we moved in in 2007 but I haven't seen another roach since then. I have heard people saying they have bedbugs but I have never seen any sign of them - except that there seems to be a lot of furniture in the trash sometimes. If you see some nice looking furniture in the trash, it's probably there for a reason so DON'T bring it home!

Over the course of two-and-a-half years, I've lived in two separate apartments on different floors and have NEVER encountered one cockroach or bedbug.

The management is extremely friendly (if you are too, obviously) and are always upgrading the building (entrance was redone, balconies were touched up, hallways just re-painted).

Utilities are always working and the price is extremely fair. As for the neighbourhood, I've only seen improvements, though it could still fare better.

If t

here was a bedbug/cockroach problem, I would be out the door. The people who run this place live and take very good care of us.

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Have lived here just over a year. Things were great until this August, when we first found bedbugs.

Immediately, the landlord was telling me how either me or my roommate brought them in, very accusatory. Was never given written instructions with concrete numbers of days, etc. about what to do.

Have had to pay out of pocket twice for spraying, and just noticed 2 more bedbugs today...this is now going on 2 months of dealing with this hell.

Landlord insists that nobody else in the buildi

ng is having this problem, but I'm starting to find that a little difficult to believe. I had to speak to my neighbours, and they all said that nobody told them that there was an infestation or how to spot them.

Not sure if I can afford to stay here anymore. I will probably just throw everything out and move - can't afford to keep spraying the place.

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A wonderful clean building. I have never encountered a cockroach or a bedbug. The management at the building are a pleasure to deal with and the improvements to the building are amazing!

Great location and amazing prices!

I am quite shocked to see that there have been any complaints about any pests in the building.

Call the Toronto Public Health and check their website for more information. In the City of Toronto, in the Province of Ontario, it is the landlord's responsibility to maintain the apt pest free and the landlord must pay for the bedbug pest control treatment, and it is not an issue of who brought them in. The tenant has to the prep work and the landlord does not have to compensate for lost furniture etc. But, the landlord must pay for the PCO treatment.

the management is pretty good here, they get things done as much as possible, however i do have bedbugs. another however is that they have tried very hard to get rid of them, sending exterminators twice, with a third time on the way.

i'm more concerned that the landlords made me pay for the exterminators saying i must have brought the bed bugs into the building.

in any case, ive asked my neighbors and they havent had anything so this might be isolated, however, if you are looking to rent,

i would ask the neighbors before doing so. nice building , clean, nice people, but like i said, maybe bed bugs. on the note of roaches, i haven't seen a bug. i know there were roaches but i haven't seen hide or hair.

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I have been at this building for 6 months and have never encountered a bed bug or a cockroach. Trust me if I ever saw either I would be the first to raise a red flag. This is a beautiful building and it seems as though the management is always renovating something to make it more beautiful then it already is.

I have lived here for about a year now. To the best of my knowledge, I've never seen any bedbugs, but the roach infestation was bad. The supers did try to correct the problem, and they SEEM like they're gone, but as everyone knows, they can never be entirely killed off. So, needless to say, when I move from here, everything is going in the trash.

There were bedbugs at this location and there ARE cockroach manifestations. The management is terrible and they constantly threaten to take people to court. Not worth the rent or the trouble. The worst building management. It's a great place to live if you have a business and you can pay them under the table for favors.

I have lived at this location since 2002 on the 2nd floor and my buddy lives up on the 8th. Neither one of us have ever experienced any bedbugs or roaches.
Perhaps, you should take a look at your living conditions. Are you bringing items in the building that have been left out on the side of the road?
by the way, i happened on the site by accident as I was just googling the building address - just because.
peace out

I have lived here for almost two years and I am moving out asap.
I haven't seen any bedbugs but the cockroaches are out of hand.
I've had to throw out two microwaves from infestation and when I move I am throwing out most of my furniture.

that happen to my gf and i she was covered in horrible bites i wasnt , but studies have said you can be bitten and show no signs depends on how your system handles it. i do agree property managements get on this site to try to make people out to be liars. i wish the city of toronto would get more aggressive with the bed bug problem its going to get worse. i've been throwing things out i tell people while they are going through garbage picking my stuff up they dont seem to care. well we are leavi

ng the city with only the clothes on our back and a few sentimental items that are baggged up which will remained bagged 4 the the next 2yrs. When we get to our new place we will through out those clothes and buy new ones. We are going to landlord and tennant board we have made official complaints. Good luck to everyone.

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What are you doing on a bedbug site checking your address if there are no bedbugs in your building?

Comments like that kill me. Anytime you see "that's a lie, there are no bedbugs", suspect it's someone from building management.

Also, not everyone is affected by bedbugs, so just because you don't see them, doesn't mean that reports of them are a lie. My boyfriend sleeps in the same bed as me and they don't touch him, and I end up covered in welts.

The previous tenant is not telling truth.
There are no bedbugs in this building. I have been there for over 10 years and have not witnessed it. The management over the past years has only gotten better.
The supers onsite have been excellent and care for the building. They are always cleaning up after careless tenants and continuously enforcing the rules.

I have rented a unit on the 8th floor in the building in 2005.
After moving in the unit I discovered that there are small holes on the baseboards, on the hardwood floors, inside the electrical outlets and a lot of bed bugs living inside them, later on after speaking with some of the tenements I came to know that they have experienced the same thing. I had to go to the doctor because my skin started to swallow and it irritated me so much, it iwas a terrible experience that I really don’t want

to see any one going through.At night I was not able to sleep at all, it is extremely stupid and irritating feeling.
Building management are really careless, stupid the worst ever. It is only after you complain one million time, is when they would supply you with the cheapest after market insecticides that doesn’t even work for bedbugs.
I am posting this as a WARNING, this building at 540 Sherbourne St. is infested with bed buds and the management who are called Better Living Homes are the worst ever, they don’t understand and don’t care about any thing except for collecting the rent they will not help you to get rid of the infestation but rather they would take you to court if you try to move out. Stay away my brother/sister.
I can become a wittness with you if you experience with them the same story of suffer.


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