383 Sherbourne St
Toronto, ON M4X

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September 2010. Bad bed bug infestation. Discovered that there had already been bed bugs in the apartment when I moved in. I ended up having to move because it was so bad. The landlords sprayed a couple times but there were still a lot alive.

Landlords were helpful but allowed a gentleman to move in right after me even before the bed bugs were gone....I'm assuming that is also what happened to me when I moved in! I feel bad for the guy :(

I had bedbugs in my apartment in the spring of 2009...I moved out october 2009 and they were still not gone.


the super was very cooperative and a pest extirminator person was called, and i was told the supposed bedbugs i found were just spiders. ooops....lol

It's the third month we've been living here and have had no bedbug encounter. Lets hope it stays that way.

Apartment 3 in 383 Sherbourne. I just moved in two days ago, I havent even set up yhe internet. i went to wash my face in the bathroom and saw a bug that i thought was a spidr. upon more inspection after its death, i rralized it was a bedbug. i feel like making postrrs and posting them all around the building saying there are bedbugs in the building. i know the landlady is not going to be of any help as she is quite the toad/monster. hopefilly something gets done about this; i will deff. post ag

ain. my email is [email protected] in case anyone wishes to contact me.

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Submitted by "Anonymous" on 03/06/2008
1. 383 Sherbourne, Toronto, Ontario My apartment had a major infestation of bedbugs. I had to pay for an exterminator, and that didn\'t even get rid of them. Avoid if possible. (mistakenly posted on another TO address)

There are bed bugs in my apartment building. I have been bitten for about one week. The spray has been done, but bed bugs still here.

Just moved into a new place.
The previous occupant was pretty slobby and frequented the local drop ins.
Noticed a bug on the wall and confirmed that it was a bedbug.
Told landlady and she arranged for the pest people to spray.
After inspecting the bedroom i found tons of live and dead bedbugs and lots of dropping stains in corners around base moldings in closets, through out the entire apartment.
It required several sprayings.
At one point i was at work, at least 5 hours into my shift, and

i looked down onto my desk and saw a live bed bug.
I had to throw out a lot of clothes and furniture, do lots and lots of laundry.

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