375 Bleecker St
Toronto, ON M4X

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my girlfriend and i were visiting an apartment on the 16th floor and she kept getting this feeling like something was biting her feet. she was in sandals and i had running shoes so i didn't get any bites. when we left the apartment my girlfriend told me she was getting bites all over even on her arms..i was like holy shit i think she has bed bugs!
sure enough another friend who had slept over there one night confirmed for us the next day that it was bed bugs and she was eaten alive the night sh

e stayed there...now we're just praying that we didn't take them home with us...all we can do is wait and see...i'm still so pissed that she didn't tell us

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Just discovered bedbugs in my apartment.

I was probally the first person to get them like 4 years ago. Lucky I have been bug free every since but when your on a fixed income and have to throw out all your stuff how does one expect you to replace what by going to the furnurture bank where you get free used stuff hell no not with the bed bugs going around I was streesed living out of bags not sleeping at night and the landlord dont care they go home at the end of the day so 375 bleecker has bed bugs too,,,,Good night dont let the bed bug

s bite!!!!!!!!!!!

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