3 Howard St
Toronto, ON M4X

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I lived at 3 Howard St Unit 3 in Toronto ON and the super was Lois Kertsos and his son. They were/ are the biggest slum lords i have ever seen. I had cockroaches, and bedbugs so bad and they would do nothing to deal with it whatsoever.
The wiring from the main light source in the unit hung from molded exposed wires, the fridge didnt work, the kitchen sink could be lifted out of the counter, the stove had two working burners. How hard is it to put in a new element? The bathroom sink needed s

naked for over a year; stagnate water left standing in the drain. I had to brush my teeth in the tub. The toilet didnt flush unless using a bucket. The place should have been condemned by the board of health. Then the finale was the roof in the hallway came in from rain, and he said o well ill come by tomorrow to fix it. Hopefully it wont rain anymore. ??? The water came down in sheets against the wall adjacent to a live light. The water damage in the hall was never fixed, and then we had mold in the hallway and a bowed floor to the point that the fire exit door didnt close or if it did, you couldnt open it without jumping up and down on the floor bow.
This place was INFESTED with bedbugs and roaches.
He owns 595 Sherbourne too. Do not rent from these asses. The son called me a "bitch" for requesting a smoke detector.

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