135 Rose Ave
Toronto, ON M4X

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Roaches are absolutely everywhere. Living in the our microwaves, toasters, and boxes - which were all thrown out. You're better off paying a little more for rent somewhere else. You end up wasting a lot of money on the food/appliances you need to throw out because the roaches like to live in them. They are seriously absolutely everywhere, especially at night.

Also, I kid you not, I woke up to a mouse on the bed grazing my partner's arm as she slept the other day. Rude awakening, much?


for the management, they are generally quite fast with requests and work orders HOWEVER, everyday after their office hours they are out of reach entirely. We've had incidences of being locked out of our unit due to a faulty door late at night (like 2am) with a bunch of groceries and the super couldn't care less if we were trapped outside the whole night. We had to find a place to stay for the night and were lucky enough to get family to pick us up.

Stay away. Very very far away. Unless of course, you like roaches getting into your food, appliances, freezer, bath tub, clothes, etc.

see full report...

A murder in the building is not a bed bug post. It's a one off occurrence between two former lovers which you would know if you read the article.
Sad that it happens, but it can happen in any building.
Shame on you poster before me, shame on you.

Someone was murdered here on August 3, 2015


i moved out this building last month, definitely bedbugs on 16th floor, where the infestation was really bad last year. It has improved a lot this year, but to be cautious, it will come back at anytime. Roaches is a big problem, they are there all the time.

*Infestation. Stay away*
See notes for 670 Parliament St. Same terrible management and ownership. Residence of Rose Park. No one reports the problems and just leave. Most of the reports are under 670 or 99 Howard Ave. Stay away or you'll regret it.

Visiting a unit there, there was an obvious roach problem. Even saw an adult german wandering the lobby floor at night.

August 29, 2011 I woke up with bites on my legs. Didn't think much of it until August 31, 2011 when the bites were all down my leg and some on my arm. Going to attempt to deal with the problem. It's not itchy, but don't want anymore bites on me

No longer in my unit suspected they came from the unit beside.

Woke up the other day with bites all over my arms. Haven't got any new ones in a couple days will update.

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