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To the poster below (June 2012): did you notify management afterwards? Or since?

Have you reported it anywhere but here?

If there IS a bed bug problem at the Varsity, or even if one is suspected, they need to KNOW in order to investigate and treat the premises.

I hope you contacted them in addition to posting your report here. Otherwise, what's the point?

I'm quite sure that I was bitten at the Varsity Theater.
I felt sort of itchy there and a few hours later I had a huge welt on my back! It was also disgustingly warm and hard to breath in there too!

This happened on June 1st 2012 (yesterday night) at a 8:15 showing. I'm not certain of the theater number as i lost my ticket stub and have only been there twice before. It was one of the less sloped ones with the smaller screen.

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