5 Elm Ave
Toronto, ON M4W

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(July 16, 2009) Just wanted to say that the landlord did find the host apartment and fixed the situation and there have been no bedbugs since.

I moved out at the end of Spring '08 as a few of the units on the third floor were infested. The infestation most likely originated from one of the apartments on the first floor and then travelled to units on the upper floors.
The property manager first blamed me, but I had proof that the bed bugs did not originate from my unit. There were none in my bedroom, but the bugs were present in the kitchen, bathroom and one of the hallway closets. All areas that had access (holes, plumbing, etc) to o

ther units.
They finally had my unit sprayed. I was sprayed a total of three times, but they kept coming back as the source was not being treated at that time.
Throw everything out and move with nothing. It's the only way to live a sane existence.

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Bed bugs were found initially in Apt. 107 early September and have now spread to other units in the building including higher floors.

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