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I've lived in this bldg for almost 10 years near the top floor. I've never seen any bedbugs and very very few roaches. Mgm't sprayed and laid bait for the roaches as soon as I reported them a couple of years after I moved in and that got rid of them for a few years until I saw a couple more. The same procedure has gotten rid of them for another 4 years now.

I doubt there's a single building in downtown Toronto that doesn't have an occasional roach once in a while. They keep this building very

clean and react quickly when anything is reported so chances of bugs are as low as they can be realistically.

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I will most probably be moving into this building. Can some living there please let me know if there are any bed bugs and/or roaches? Some people are telling me there are and I really have to make an informed decision

Can't believe this hasn't been updated in so long! By and large the building is clean, but this place has certainly had issues with bed bugs. There was a huge sweep of multiple floors from 10-14 a little more than a year ago. A number of units on 12 were fumugated. This was not a precautionary measure - they had bed bugs! The source was a unit on the 12th floor to the right as you exited the elevators. Management is well aware of this building's problems. People can post that "they haven't seen

them" that doesn't mean they aren't there. I've seen them! Also saw a roach a couple times in the stairwells.

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I have been living in this property for more than 10 years and never had any issue about bugs. It is a very clean and well managed building.

I was a tenant at this location 4 years ago and I can confirm the presence of bedbug in unit #707. What annoyed me the most was the property manager blaming me for bringing the bedbugs to the building. I had to keep on telling her that my furnitures were new and I did not travel or stay in hotel during my tenancy there.

Later on the exterminator found out the bedbugs actually crawled to my apartment from another unit through the gap between the floor and the baseboard so I had the super c

oming to caulk the base all the way around the apartment.

This apartment building might look nice with the beautiful lobby and downstair Starbucks but be aware the building is actually very old so it's not that clean.

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I've lived in this building for a year now (17th Floor). When I first moved in, I noticed the ants right away - very tiny, red. In my bathroom though a tiny hole in the base of the wall and in the kitchen (only on the floor, and only when I left catfood down). Filled the hole in the wall with calking and same around all pipes (kitchen & bathroom). Ant problem was gone within a week.

Saw a cockroach twice over the year. Just one, one it's own, both times wandering over the bathroom sink. Fixed

the prob by plugging the sink and bathtub as we were told in apartment buildings they often crawl up the plumbing. Haven't had a bug problem in months.

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I have lived here for two years and when I first moved in and saw the place it was very clean and I even talked to some tenants about how the building was kept. They all said no bedbugs or any other critters. I always see the workers and super intendent cleaning everything until recently. Recently I keep seeing ants in the laundry room and I saw what appeared to be a beatle but it was definitly not just a spider. My neighbour on the floor I live on recently discovered a smell coming from his ven

t and the workers pulled out a dead rat. (SERIOUSLY A RAT) I will however say that there are no bedbugs but there are ants,mice,rats, and beatle type things. I have talked to someone on the 20th floor and they say that they had to throw their mattress out because of bedbugs so I suppose some floors do I cant be sure. I am moving out in 1 month though I will not remain here with rats in the vent and ants crawling around. I understand that everywere has bugs and anywere could get rats but recently its been getting worse so I would take caution if thinking about moving here.

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I've lived in this building for 2 year (2010-2012) and have not had any problems with bedbugs or roaches. Had tiny, tiny ants on the 27th floor but they disappeared after washing the counter with a vinegar solution for a few days.

If bugs did appear, I have every confidence in the building management that they would properly and promptly take care of the problem.

In my experience, this is a very well managed building.

I have lived in this building for 19 years.....I have never had or even seen a bedbug, cockroach or any other critter.Neither have my friends in the building. Although with a Strabucks downstairs and a bar downstairs,,,,,who knows who is sitting in these seats, leaving critters behind? (see first post).


Just an hour ago, was having a coffee in a upholstered velvet chair in the Starbucks in this building, and was but on ye wrist 3 times by a bedbug. I caught the thing after it bit me, an it was undoubtedly a bedbug.

There is clearly a problem in this building if there are bedbugs in the furniture in Starbucks....

Is the property manager's name Rajat?

I've lived here for more than ten years and never saw a cockroach bedbug or ant. Did see some bug in the bathroom but only once. I think the people who see infestations should be more discerning on the people they invite into their residence. Sleep with dogs, wake up with almost anything that crawls.

I'm on the 24th floor and haven't seen any bed bugs (knock on wood). However, we have always had tiny, tiny reddish ants. I've also seen one cockroach in the past year and a half. I brought the cockroach to mgmt and they got the pest control guy in. I see him often enough in this building. Last time I saw him, he was visiting another apartment on our floor and when I asked, they responded that they are there for ants.
Just thought this would help someone out even though I haven't seen any

bed bugs.

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There were litterly hundreds of bedbugs in a unit on the 26th floor which were brought to my attention by my mom whom lives in the unit.She woke up screaming when she first noticed them. I didn't know what they were at first but soon found out!They were everywhere in the unit.I was able to eliminate them over a period of about 8 months with constant washing,vaccuming,& applications of "RAID"&insect powder.This occured approximately 2005. Later the apt was invaded by "Pharoah Ants" & are still th

ere.Roaches appear & dissaper at ramdon.

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Yikes! I live in this building and have never seen a bed bug (have seen ants though). As a fellow tenant, I ask that you please report this to management ASAP (if you haven't already) to get the issue taken care of before it becomes widespread.

Has been bitten for the past month. Has since found beg bug after i was altered by the newspaper to look for bed bugs. Have red itchy dots on my skin. when bug are squashed, blood like flood can be seen. Has since seen bed bugs on 2 bed located in different rooms. possibily sofa as well. apartment on the 24th floor of 235 bloor street east.

report date June 24.

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