80 St Clair Ave W
Toronto, ON M4V

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The same weekend as mentioned above, July 28th 2012, there was a note on the main door, by a tenant, that stated bed bugs had been confirmed in the building. When I asked the office the next day about it she asked me if I had bites and when I said no she said that I didn't have them and not to worry. At that point I knew nothing about bed bugs because I had never had them. I was in the process of moving out anyway so I crossed my fingers that I wouldn't get them before I moved out.
Of course, I

learned a few months later that not everyone reacts to bites and I had been living with them for 2.5 months... (I did get them from this building. I found a couple before I moved, I just didn't know that's what they were. I thought it was just some kind of pesky bug because it's an old building)
Luckily, I didn't get them too bad and they didn't get in my mattress, just my bed frame.
So when looking for bed bugs, check more than just the mattress!!! Check the bed frame and furniture surrounding the bed - night tables, etc. I definitely have done my research now!

I wouldn't recommend this building to anyone. The office is NOT helpful in any way. Whether it has to do with big problems like bed bugs or major leaks or backed up pipes (my bathroom ceiling was streaming one night and my kitchen sink dish water was coming up into my tub) to smaller problems, they don't care too much.

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Bedbugs were identified on the weekend of July 28th 2012, although this was not the first instance.

Tenants on a lower floor had an infestation previously: this was treated, but nothing was said to others, either by the tenants or the property management company.

Due to lack of communication and preparedness, ALL floors at this address-- including basement-- now have had reports or evidence of bedbugs.

Affected tenants are working to comply with PCO instructions in between sprayings and

to educate others in detection and prevention.

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