76 Parkwood Ave
Toronto, ON M4V

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I think the OP might be referring to 76 Parkwoods Village Dr, a 6 story building in North York. Perhaps the owners of this site could make a correction.

My guess is that this may be the result of Toronto's amalgamation of several cities when there were many duplicate names. Perhaps it's not "avenue" but some other type of street elsewhere in the city and the poster either didn't click on the right one or the site didn't recognize the different location. I don't know, just a guess...

there isn't a building on this street....privately owned homes so i haven't any idea what the first poster is referring to

there isn't a 76 parkwood
all homes that end at about 56 parkwood

she must mean a different street?

Correct me if i am wrong but there isn't a 76 on Parkwood Avenue.

Its all private homes on that street and it ends somewhere in the 30 40 sets of numbers.
I can't locate any house with a number 76 on it.

I'm wondering if this is a mistake...........I live on the corner of st clair and parkwood and I have looked for this place the author is talking of and I cant see it anywhere

Many of the units in the building have bedbugs. 314, 414, 302, 402 others that I have no knowledge of i\'m told.
These are the apartments that have confirmed bedbugs. The management says they are on it.
It is becoming scary for me as I am going crazy vacuuming, dusting 5 times a day for fear of bedbugs. I cannot afford to purchase new beds for myself and child as I am a single mother. This building is not Ontario housing and proves my point that it can happen to anyone anywhere.


ks hope I have answered with detail.

see full report...

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