565 Avenue Rd
Toronto, ON M4V

Found 3 reports:

Bed bugs were found January 2010 in apartment 303 in the large master bedroom. We vacated the apartment for 2 weeks and had 2 treatments done. They seemed to be eliminated. Probably came from the apartment next door.

I am not 100% sure I had them because I did not call an exterminator and have it confirmed but I was getting bitten everynight and did find several bugs when I put tape out to try to identify the biting culprits. I was on the 3rd floor and the biting started happening in the summer of 2009. I threw out my mattress and all the furniture in my room and then moved out of the building.

Called in exterminator to remove bedbugs from floor one apartment. Took 3 sessions to do a complete job. Isolated to bedroom only. Winter 2008.

No nearby bug reports