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I am the one listed below that found a dead female in my bathtub and over the next 3 weeks had 2-3 bites, laid down diametrous (sp?) earth near my computer where they bit me and vacuumed out my intricately woven wooden chair at my PC desk where i figure 1-2 might have lived in order to get the 2-3 bites and its been 5 months now and nothing else.
Either I carried one home that somehow gave birth to 1-2 that I killed OR, someone sprayed their apartment and a couple came to me, b

ut knowing what to do I was on top of it immediately and got rid of them.

I would hope that if anyone does have them, or gets them, and its just a matter of time before we do, they either tell mgmt. right away and immediately have treatment but unless mgmt. not only has their apartment sprayed but each one around it, we the tenants all need to know as well.
No finger pointing for anyone can get them, its strictly bad luck and not related to uncleanliness etc BUT if we all know you have them, we can all take proper measures to rid the building of them all, rather than plying tic-tac-toe with them moving from one apartment to the next.
WE WILL GET THEM as all rentals seem to do and this building has a high turn over of units making us more susceptible.
I would highly recommend for only $20, a bed bug passive alert monitor system which will let you know if you have them, long before you would have known. The reason these spread so easily is because about 50% of the population does not react to them and will become so infested with them before they realize they have them...therefore its aways best to know ASAP that you have them. Please take this seriously for of the 3 bites I received, one left a mark and I can only imagine that being bitten by many would not be attractive for some people.

Once again, IF YOU GET THEM, even if you don't want use to KNOW you have them, leave a note in the lobby on the wall if necessary, just to warn us........IF we know, we have a far better chance of ridding the building of them quickly otherwise they will spread from one to another and we will each be dealing with them every few months and trust me, YOU DO NOT want this to happen!
Purchase this $20 bed bug alert box below for peace of mind.


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I personally find that report by the person who said they had them, odd.
I know most of the people in this building and IF they were here or had been for long, I know I would have heard of it.

It wouldn't be the first time someone neurotic has mistaken something for bedbugs such as small regular garden beetles which you do see here in the summertime, albeit harmless.
I find this building very clean.
When I spoke to the expert in NYU, judging by the time frame, the one d

ead female and the 2 bites I had and 1 more potential bite, he told me I could not have had more than 1-2 bugs as each bug bites every 4 or so days so if i had been overrun I would have had many more bites. Its even possible I had JUST ONE sitting in my computer chair where I spend most of my time, waiting to get me ;-)

Therefore, I KNOW i was not overrun and was very fortunate in finding that dead one which told me what the 2 bites were 2-3 days later, otherwise I would not have known and it could have turned into an infestation..

As I said, I know many people here and theres no been any talk of these being here yet.......and am hoping that my situation was a one of type.....

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Interesting!! Hmmm.

I found a dead female bed bug in my bathtub 3-4 months ago.
Within a week I had 3 bites when I was at my computer but was in touch with an entomologist NYU who confirmed from my photos it was an adult female but he told me that when they are found in a bathroom, it usually means that an apt near you has them, has sprayed and a couple have run next door, in this case, to me.
I laid down, diamatrous earth, or whatever it is called, all around the baseboards of my PC and

vacuumed daily focusing all around the computer and mainly on my wooden intricate chair that I sit on when at the computer as I was told they would likely hide in there--they were not in my bed at all..........i must have had 1 or 2 aside from the dead one for 3-4 months later I have not seen another bite nor had any problems. I believe he was right and someone did spray near me but I am positive I got the few that were here, which if you know anything about bed bugs, is very fortunate. I know I don't have any more and did kill the couple I got but it tells me that its very likely someone around me did have them. Ie been here several years and this is the first time I know of any but I have noticed quite a few mattresses being thrown out this summer although I have looked closely and don't see anything on them. I did see one last week that was covered in a bed bug cover so perhaps that was the person OR it just might have been someone who had dealt with them before and had their bed covered, as is t he smart thing to do nowadays.

At the time I did first discover the dead one, I phoned management and it was apparent to me they would have dealt with it had i pushed for it which at first i was going to do but needed a week or so to bag up all my stuff. In that week I believed I might be lucky and only have a few, which turned out to be right so I wanted to kill them, rather than send them next door if possible so I didn't follow up on it with them.
I have noticed that an apartment next door to me became empty around this time and did wonder if hat was where they may have come from.......but u know, u cant ever know. Who knows, maybe I had one hitchhike home with me? In any event, I would say hat this building is safe to move into + at this point I don't think its necessary to tell any neighbours as I believe its dealt with, BUT my eyes and ears are open and I am watching...........and will do IF any more ever show up

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To the June 2012 poster below: way to be selfish and irresponsible!

Not telling the management company and, more importantly, not telling your NEIGHBOURS is just plain reckless. This is why the bed-bug problem continues to spread and spread in Toronto -- people don't make the problem known, so it just continues and grows.

If you didn't want to deal with management, that's fine. But you could have easily knocked on your neighbours' doors on the day you were moving out to tell them. Or plast

ered signs all over the building before walking out the door for the last time.

They have/had a right to know, and THEY could have done something about it and prevented bed bugs from spreading further throughout the building.

Even worse, whomever moved INTO your unit after you left has probably inherited your bed bugs.

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I just moved out of the building very recently but I did have them. I didn't tell the management company for everyone in the building knows what a liar the property manager is + I knew she would probably say no one ever before me had them here and would want me to pay for any damages or pest control.
No one likes them so I didn't feel like helping them out, although i felt badly for innocent tenants there.

But I believe they were already in the building as I saw a mattress in the garbage ar

ea 6 weeks ago hat looked as if it might have had them. Another tenant and I discussed it at the time and he took photos. It made me wonder at t he time for i saw another tenant doing a ton of laundry and only drying certain items which made me suspicious. All of this made me wonder if they were in the building and I got them from someone spraying their apartment? Maybe they ran away from the poison and came to my apartment? I was really angry for I was moving and already starting to pack up when I first saw 2 so I really hope I have now not brought them to my new place or I will be so angry.

Ive read that if an apartment has them, you can't spray just the one but all of the units around it so they can't flee into other apartments.
So if someone did have them at 276 St Clair and only sprayed their unit, it likely was one that was attached to mine which could explain how I got them.

This building used to be great several years ago but sold a few years ago and the new/present management company are just a step above slum landlords. Medallion Company. if you look on the web they also run some slum buildings on Sherbourne street at 545 and 565 and 2 others and people there say how horrible this company is to deal with, another reason why I didn't waste my time telling medallion i had them, since i was moving out anyway. I didn't trust them not to give me a bad rating or something unless I paid for the pest control. That would be Medallions style of dealing with Tenants. I hope I got rid of them all and they didn't spread or that whoever had them first.
This company also has apartments at Bayview and the 401 that have them and those buildings are slums as well.

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Never seen bed bugs here but sure do see an over run of spiders some centipedes and plenty of regular garden beetles

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