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Major bed bug infestation. I was diligent about cleaning and then pulled my bed away from the wall one night and it was covered in both blood and the bugs, dead and alive!!

I had my apartment sprayed 4-5 times in 3 months and they were still everywhere! Please be careful, I had to throw away everything I owned and spent every night after work steam cleaning on my balcony. If you don't have home insurance there is nothing the landlords can do for you except turn on the washing machines and wi

sh you good luck.

This caused me a great deal of stress and money. I moved into my new place with nothing..not even my tv for fear they got into the back of it. I had to sleep on the hardwood floor for a week on top of all my clothes in garbage bags and am still on a mattress on the floor as I can't afford to buy all new furniture at once. IT SUCKS.

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