1 Oriole Rd
Toronto, ON M4V

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Absolutely do not move in here. We've been dealing with roaches since August 2015. They keep spraying units, but they won't deal with the root cause. They just keep coming back. We are leaving soon. Never move into this building as there is a population of people in it who just can't care of themselves!

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The worst place ever.Terrible management.Just pretend that everything is fine.This building obviously has a history with infestation and that is why most of the time you see your neighbor is fighting with insects.Forget about bed bugs because they are the only insect you may find there, you can see German roaches in bathroom and kitchen all the time.No matter how many times they might spray or put baits ,they will comeback.They do nothing and when you sign a contract so welcome to hell. Be caref

ul if you want to move in.

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My neighbours on the 8th floor had a serious infestation. I saw their place and it wasn't the cleanest, but they had a 3-6 month battle with bed bugs.

After I got the news, I taped up every outlet, hole and vent in the place and didn't have an issue, until one day...

I only found 1 bedbeg (because I had a rash and started looking up the causes) and essentially quanatined the place. The landlord was good enough and came and sprayed the apt. I was extremely thorough in my checks for a while

and bought special bed bug covers for my bed ($300) and didn't experience any issues after that. Although I did move 2 months later because I just never felt confortable once I knew they were around.

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I got it twice. and my rommate got it after me once. I lived in Apt # 608.

Last year I lived at 1 Oriole Rd. Someone down the hall was being sprayed during the summer. I asked for what and they wouldn't tell me. I called the owners and they told me it was for bedbug.
Fast Forward 4 months. Had rash. But my partner wasn't being bitten...(they don't bite everyone.) didn't know what to do. Found out it was bedbugs. When I showed the property manager one in a bag... she said "yep that's a bedbug. We've seen them here before."

They do not spray the other apartments only

the one that has them. The bedbbugs live in nooks and crannies and anything wood... they move to the next apartment without the spray. I had 3 months of hell... living in a bag... throwing away all my furniture. Cleaning anything that might go to my new apartment. I got in trouble for writing bugs all over my furniture when I took it outside. Nightmare!

They did not care. They were not proactive. They took 2 weeks because of holidays and more to spray and didn't tell the new tennents that there were bugs and probably still are.

Stay away... they will come back!!!!!

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