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I have been living at 80 St. Clair East now for a year and a half. When I first moved in there were pharaoh ants and I did see a cockroach one day in the hallway. I called to let management know, and not very long after, some time in the first couple of months I lived there, the ants completely disappeared. I have to say I was impressed. I have happily been living there since with no signs of any bugs of any kind, whatsoever.

It is a good building with good management. They are putting in ne

w elevators presently, a slow process, however it will be worth it.
The building also has a nice little gym and a lovely and well maintained pool. I highly recommend this building.

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i have been a resident of 80 st clair going on 13 yrs now ... and have been most happy with residing in this building..

we have new management who seem to care .. have 2 fantastic men who look after the building on a daily / wkly basis

ive read the reports of bed bugs / ants / cockroaches and such and i have to say .. i have never in my yrs here.. seen a bed bug or a cockroach..
ants yes... but just a few... and with a thorough cleaning of my kitchen with a strong cleaner / cleanser ... t

hey have disappeared .. not to be seen in yrs now ..

what makes people or residents believe that we r exempt from all of the above ?... we live near a deep ravine .. huge undergrowth / trees galore ... critters of every size and shape .. of course we will get the odd bug and such .. its just normal..
i know that the building will spray ur apts for ants / roaches and bed bugs .. all u have to do is request it ..

i hope that some one else will write something good about our building .. and just not write about the negative issues ..

wishing all a happy summer !

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happy resident on 07/01/2011

Sounds to me as if you are the owner of the building and worried that all here people speaking the truth of your building will cause you to lose renters.

and no, can't think of any condos inn the city that have them but if they did, they would no doubt take care of the problem right away, by spraying all of the apartments around the infected one which I bet you or your building don't do. Without taking care of the problem seriously it will continue to get wo

But don't leave posts suggesting the building is fine when so many others are saying otherwise.

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The landlord/owner has been promising all kinds of repairs, new elevators (the current ones are slow and break down all the time), repainted and carpeted hallways (current is the original from 40 years ago), outside windows haven't been washed in over 2 years and hallway carpets have not been steam cleaned in over 3 years. For the rent paid here your money value is better spent elsewhere.
The property manager Mike Ismeiss is rude and inconsiderate to the tenants - many have moved out because o

f him and his attitude alone.

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I live on 22nd floor and haven't seen, felt, or heard of any bedbugs... i get tiny ants from time to time, but only when I leave dishes for too long. I've had them only in kitchen and bathroom. New supers seem to be pretty good. I see a lot of cleaning going on and many repairs being made. I wouldn't be paranoid about this building.

This building, 80 St Clair Ave E, has a major problem with cockroaches and pharoh ants. The ants have always been a problem but this past year the ants have been totally out of control. There were never cockroaches before but now I am seeing big ones mostly in every part of my apartment.
It is so disgusting and it's freaking me out! I did call the city and am waiting for an inspector to call back. I've talked with a few other people who live in this building and they are all experiencing the sa

me problem.

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I've live in this building for several years,(I live on almost the top floor) and this is a very clean building. The odd bedbug and cockroach have been seen but, that is not a building issue. Bedbugs and cockroaches can be brought in on clothing, groceries, shopping bags and from moving vans, etc. But this building is cleaned every day, vacuumed on all floors once a week and when a work order is put in for pest control or anything else, the management responds fairly quickly. The new supers and

very good and the janitors are 2nd to none! When an apartment becomes available, it is cleaned very well and painted etc., before anyone can move in. There are little ants that show up from time to time, but don't forget this building is almost in the ravine. Some of those very expensive downtown condos have a bugs too!
This is a great building and great place to live, but everyone has to do their part too by keeping their garbage area clean and maintaining the upkeep of their own dwelling, as well.

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I moved in in late May, and live on one the upper floors.
No issues with bedbugs, but I did find a roach once. It crawled out of my bathroom vent. I have sealed this up and have not had issues since.

What floor are you on? I'm high up in the building. Has Avcan or the pest company confirmed that they are actually bedbugs? I haven't seen any and don't think I have any but I can't sleep because I'm so paranoid that every itch I have is a bedbug bite.

My storage locker was also broken into.

Hello all,

I've recently moved into this building early in March 2011 and within the pass few months I've noticed and felt little tiny bite marks on me. I've already had my apartment sprayed and thought that they were gone. Today is Thursday June 8th and I woke up with two more bits on my ankle... I've mentioned this to the individuals in the rental office, however I have very little faith in them as the do not appear to be competent regarding this matter. I was simply told " Maybe you shoul

d call the head office,I can't help you"(unbelievable!!) as soon as my lease is up I too will be moving out of this apartment and I have discouraged a girlfriend of mine from moving in as well.

FYI.. just on a completely separate note please make sure you have secure locks on your storage lockers downstairs, someone has been breaking into them ( my lock was broken on Monday June 5th 2011

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Have been waking up with mysterious bites all over my body for the past month. It is confirmed. I found a bedbug in my bed today. 5th floor. Disgusting.

Well, my suspicions were confirmed when I found one of those critters under my bed after two weeks of very light sleep. I had my apartment, which is on the 6th floor, sprayed once, but they returned. It was sprayed again, and for now, things seem to be okay, but I will be leaving the moment my lease is up. I would carefully consider alternative residences - my friend lived on Mallory an the low-rise buildings there were fine (old but pest-free), and another lives on Balmoral, which also seems to

be a better alternative.

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I live at 80 St Clair E as well, but haven't had bedbugs yet. 7th floor here. I know the building had one unit with bedbugs in the past but it was sprayed. Have you tried talking to the Superintendent?
I do have an annoying problem with carpenter ants every now and then...

I am 80% certain that my unit has bed bugs. I have never had them before, but every few mornings I am waking up with more red hive-like welts on my arm. I am going to do a through search tonight (having already contacted public health), and am visiting my doctor in two days.

If anyone else has had similar problems, I would encourage them to post here too. If enough units have recognized this problem, we can have the building sprayed.

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