55 Brownlow Ave
Toronto, ON M4S

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I moved into this building recently and was not notified that the unit above me has bedbugs. Currently I am in the middle of the second preventative treatment of them but I have found dying bedbugs and have woken up with bites. The superintendent is now new and is handling as best she can, but it really sucks to move into a new place and is till haven't been able to unpack my stuff. I had originally unpacked all my clothes but then got a notice that we were not treating for cockroaches like I wa

s originally told, but for bedbugs.
I have seen many cockroach nymphs in my bathroom and one bedroom, often nightly in the bathtub. I have seen about 3 full size cockroaches in about 30 days.

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Does this building have bedbugs? or any other kind of pest issue? i ask because i am planning to sign a lease soon and would like to avoid this kind of issue.

Interesting how none of the posters claiming this building has bugs, ever replied to my and other questions (I posted earlier this year)

I have been here since October 2011 and so far so good. This building has not had a vacancy since I moved in, only waiting lists.

I live in this building as well and have for 3 years. I just noticed this alert/posting and find it extremely worrisome. While the supers are great, and have done a dog search twice last year, I see the initial report/posting was made in Aug 2011 but then another was made in Jan 2012. What floor do you live on and do you still have bedbugs??

I have found that the super in this building is great about this stuff. They have had a canine inspection team come into every apartment and check for issues.

When I have asked them questions, they are extremely open about any issues in the past and have dealt with these issues in a timely fashion.

I have lived in the building for the better part of a year, and have never encountered a problem or heard of a current one.

There is a reason why there is a waiting list for this building.


We want to know if anyone recently got the bedbug problem?? (although the building looks very clean).

which floor are you on???

which floor are you on???

BED BUGS IN MY APARTMENT! THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! I have to get professionals in here to try and get rid of them. Double check all your furniture and everything to make sure you don't have them too!

I agree with below - I moved in in October 2011 and so far so good *knock on wood*

I lived there from July 2010 - June 2011. There were NO bedbugs and the superintendents were really nice and friendly.

No bed bugs here. Been here for 3 months.

Any more reports for this location?

I started to get bit 2 weeks ago (woke up looking like I had the chicken pox). I stripped my bed and found the signs in my sheets, headboard, and mattress that there were bugs.

I started sleeping on an air mattress in my living room, but have now learned through reserach online that I probably wasn't helping things by moving sleeping location. I am still waking up with bites.

My building did have a canine unit come in to investigate the entire building, but it has been 2 weeks since I firs

t reported it, and I don't have a status update yet on when the treatment will occur.

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