45 Balliol St
Toronto, ON M4S

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Live on the 5th floor of 45 Balliol. Have had cockroaches for over 6 months now. Have had our apartment sprayed multiple times but it doesn't seem to fix anything. Property management is fast to respond however at the end of the day, the cockroaches are still here and not going anywhere.

This building had cockroaches when I lived there in 1988. The building was owned by Greenwin then.

Have lived here for two years and have had one incidence with mice that was promptly taken care of and multiple incidences with cockroaches. The property management is very prompt to reply to notifications however it still never seems to work. There are always a few left behind and then they multiply again. Debating if even moving into a new unit will do anything or if that's just us being naive. Would love to stay because the location and property management is awesome but at the en

d of the day, I shouldn't have to kill 20 cockroaches a day on any plain old regular day.

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For those who want to move to 45 Balliol street:
We've been living here for two years and in the last year we found a mouse in our unit which has been taken care of after a few weeks. Then, some months later, we found a number cockroaches in the kitchen. They provide treatment for that. Unfortunately, recently we found bedbugs in both bedroom and living room and we're waiting for the treatment. However, we think this time we can't get rid of them so easily and we're looking for another buildin

g to move in.

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Hi, I was looking into moving in this building. Was wondering if anyone had any updates on the bug situation? Any information is appreciated- thanks!

Last April, a nouse digged a hole in the wall of our bathroom. No need to say that it was super gross to find the mouse half dead in our bathroom when we came back from vacation (the door was closed).

Now, Augut, we found some back little thing moving fat in our kitchen!!! We set mousetrap and caught 3 in one night!!!

No need to say that we are super clean people.

After talking to other tenants, it seems that many of them have once in a while the same problem.,

It concerns only low

er floors

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I have noticed bed bugs since a month but thought of it as one-off incidents. But last night, I have been bitten badly on my arms and legs and its itching. I am going to contact the management and see how they respond.

Bed Bug Alert!!!

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