17 Penrose Rd
Toronto, ON M4S

Found 4 reports:

'Anonymous' person used to be quite famous in the building for not paying rent, run away, put funny note about things that is not true and now what? Building is good taken care of and there is nothing wrong with it. As for bed bugs they are being carried by those 'Anonymous'guys who actually spread rumors about them around the city. Did you try to talk to people actually living in the building? Some people live there for over 10 years now and quite happy , never consider to move out.

I lived on the bottom floor in 17. We had a mold and mouse problem.

I lived there for three weeks only, and then had enough and moved out
place is filled with dirt, dust, and pests(rodents insects all that you can imagine)
even rats were seen
please stay away of this building no matter what you do

this building is attached to 15 penrose...i would advise to read about that building through this site before making your decision.

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