225 Davisville Ave
Toronto, ON M4S 1G9

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To all the new renters wondering what is going on at 225 Davisville...I shall tell you. There is indeed a roach infestation in the entire building. People who 'haven't seen any'...not sure how it's possible, as the entire building underwent a mass fumigation for roaches on Sep 29.
PS, they're still around. Not to dissuade you, but to inform you, that yes, there are both German cockroaches and ants in the building, living in the pipes, small cracks of the kitchen and bathrooms. The management c

an fumigate all they want, but they really need to repair the apartment units properly and seal holes and repair plumbing fully, not partially and not cheaply, because that's why these guys have somewhere to live. It doesn't matter how clean you are, a German cockroach just needs: water, warmth. Food optional as they are known to cannibalise on each other, eat soap and paper when food is nowhere in sight. So yeah....the structure of the building is compromised. They are in the walls, pipes...etc. Nice management otherwise, they are VERY responsive, this is just unfortunately a huge infestation in a very old building (I kill 10-20 cockroaches a day that I can find/catch). The building was renovated a few years back, but it still remains an old building with an old structure.

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