500 Duplex Ave
Toronto, ON M4R

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Been living @ 500 Duplex for a year and a half. We took over a lease from a friend of mine who had been living there for one year prior.
Over the course of 2.5 years, no bedbuds or any reports of bedbugs from my neighbors.

well I've been at 500 Duplex avenue for 6 years never ever came across bed bugs that's for sure. Most residents here are long term and no one has ever spoke of this.

500 Duplex is now bed bug free!! It took four treatments, we spent a fortune on bed covers, Diatomaceous earth, a new vacuum, laundry, ect... but it's over. We have been officially bed bug free for over 10 months. Although management was reluctant at first, they paid for all treatments.

In April 2009, we moved into 500 Duplex Ave, Apt. 210. We were there approximately 3 weeks when I started noticing small red bites on my hands. At first I thought they were spider bites from the cottage we usually go to on the weekends so I ignored them. Then I started to get more bites on my arms and feet. I soon figured out that we had bed bugs when it started affecting the other occupants.
We contacted our landlord and told them the problem. At first they wanted to help, but apparently the p

roperty management company was unwilling to pay.
When they told us this we were furious and wrote them a detailed email citing the City of Toronto Health Act which states that all costs incurred for the treatment of bed bugs is the responsibility of property management. They paid.
So far we have had two unsuccessful treatments with more to come.

If you are in the same situation, I would suggest using diatomaceous earth in conjunction with the pest control treatments. We've found it was the only thing that kept them away in between treatments.

The fight continues!

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