2 Craighurst Ave
Toronto, ON M4R

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Update: have taken bugs to public health. Likely bedbugs. Will be informing the landlord this weekend just in case. It seems like this is a small problem in a small building and the landlord will no doubt take care of it before it becomes a big problem.

Thank goodness I'm not in one of those big buildings.

After taping the baseboards and getting a matrerss cover just in case, I have gotten no new bites, until this morning (but that could be a rash from the heat...I'm pretty sensitive.

Still no sign of bugs, except for the two I caught.

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We moved here in mid-march and by the end of April I was getting bites. At first I thought it was a mosquito but I got so many I went to see my doctor who said they looked like flea bites. After a month of spraying a dosing my apartment and cats, I found a bug on my wall and took it to Toronto Public Health for identification. I likely have a 'small' problem, meaning the bugs likely came into my apartment from another unit. I am unemployed, so the last thing I need it to spend $500 spraying

and cleaning and sealing my matress. Will update if the methods recommeneded by Public Health do not fix the situation.

I react HORRIBLY to the bites, with huge patches of bites and hives. I haven't slept more than 5 hours a night in months. I know for certain I did not bring the bugs into this place because I would have noticed this reaction before. Either the bugs were here or someone else brought some in.

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