14 Chatsworth Dr
Toronto, ON M4R

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This building is a shining example of how to deal effectively with bedbugs.

Bedbugs were discovered in one unit in Oct 2010. The Super worked very hard with the tenants and covered the cost of the treatments from Orkin. The super said this was an isolated case and he had not heard of any other cases in the building. The Super mentioned that he had had "training" from the property management company on how to deal with this issue, but that this was his first "case".

Over the course of a

week the unit was de-cluttered, cleaned, all soft furniture discarded (including bed and frame), all clothing bagged - hot washed - hot dried - rebagged in new bags, all cracks and baseboards caulked, all floors and surfaces steamed and finally the two pest control treatments were applied over the course of 2 weeks. Note that this unit / tenant was not a hoarder. Things were pretty normal / clean inside.

In late Feb 2011 bedbugs were discovered again in the same unit (this time a very small infestation - 2 bugs found). Again, the Super worked very hard with the tenants and again the cost of the treatments from Orkin were covered by the building. Again the above precautions were taken.

The tenant continues to work with family to inspect and prevent recurrances and so far so good. The tenant later initiated an inspection at his own cost with Royal Pest Control (great company) and nothing was found (so no treatment could be sprayed). The tenant continues to clean, steam, inspect and be vigilant.

The building management is supportive, responsive and helpful. The building is clean and in good shape.

This problem affects even "nice" buildings, neighbourhoods - knows no bourdaries in terms of race, income, status, etc. We have no idea how we got them... what a stressful adventure getting rid of them.

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