890 Mt Pleasant Rd
Toronto, ON M4P

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I suffered so much of bed bugs in 2009 when I returned from field work I found house is full of bedbugs . Though I di dnot know what are they . Why I can't sleep. What is biting me. My both kids were affected badly. This is the first time I saw how bed bugs look like, But did not know how to deal with. Just I threw all furniture and beds and bought new, but it returned.I keep spraying so many costly medicine to save my little children, but no remedy. Then I moved from this building thinking it

will go away as I am not taking anything with me. But it did not go away. It returned after few months and that building had bed bug issue too. So I moved to my sister's house with some newly bought clothes so they do not get affected. The new building management sprayed 5 times in my apt , then I came back to my apt after two months. This bed bug issue is everywhere in Toronto. But I was almost killed for bed bugs during my MS study.

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Any news?!!!

any news on this location?

We were good for a the first few months, but my roommate was the first to notice the bedbugs around the master bedroom. They soon spread to my room and the living room couch. Then the mice came.

We're entirely certain both came through the walls, which in some places sound like they're hollow. Either way, room's sprayed and then they come back.

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