63 Roehampton Ave
Toronto, ON M4P

Found 58 reports:

I am also a former tenant. One of the ones scared out!!! Why? Why were over 50 tenants (mostly long terms) put through a living hell?? So that the then owners could renovate and flip the building. The Champsee family. Sonal the daughter was property manager. They used unregulated contractors and City of Toronto L & S & Fire Dept. were on site so often that they should have set up offices. For example, the false fire alarms would occur when smoke detectors went off ... full fire response would oc

cur. Was SHOCKED when one day saw Jennifer (creep of the year ... devoid of any human decency) TAPING over them all!!!! We had contracters (mostly illegals) drilling up through floors, down through ceilings, througb walls, so many units flooded when would hit pipes, no warning of shutting water off for whole days, removing all mailboxes when renovated from front entrance to outter area built (we all called C post) they came & Jennifer had them on floor in empty apt., RCMP had officers investigating Jennifer btw ... few people were approached, you have no idea what went on for 4+ years. Sick part??? CITY COUNCILLER SHELLY CARROL wrote article on the exceptional Champsee family when meanwhile we were all living a nightmare!!!!! These slumlords just did not want to pay people the required payment amount under Tribunal Law when properties are renovated and tenants are asked to move. Bunch of creeps!!! We all could have died day they hit the gas line at side building ... of course again no notice to gas company!!!! I was home ready to light cigarette and contractors were running through building to get out & it was pandimonium.I hope one day the media profiles the Champsee family and exposes them for what they did at 63 and what continue to do!!! I doubt ANYTHING THERE DURING RENOS WAS ABOVE BOARD!!! They also knew ALL ABOUT JENNIFER JONES & his ACTIVITIES. All that hurt and lives so affected because these morally bankrupt people wanted to make a buck. I highly doubt they made much on the sale ... given all the fuck ups during renos, apparently lawsuit, etc. Believe it or not, it was a nice building for years when had owners who were decent and had human decency. Toronto needs to regulate these building owners. Sorry you all are going through this. Perhaps go to media agan?. 63 has quite a history from when Champsee family purchased about 8 yrs ago to now & new owners. Good luck all!!!!

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Here's an article about Q Residential, the company who just bought the building: http://www.thestar.com/news/city_hall/2013/08/27/torontos_top_apartment_building_for_complaints_79_thorncliffe_park.html

Q Residential owns "Toronto’s top apartment building for complaints".

I’ve lived in this building for over a year and it has been incredibly stressful. During my tenancy, I needed to get a breathing test done and several allergy tests. Last spring, there were cockroaches in the building. The bed bug issue has been on-going and the noise is unbearable. I have been harassed by my downstairs neighbor because of my humidifier and air purifier (which I need for breathing since all the smoke smell come into my unit). My upstairs neighbor doesn’t work and I

hear everything that goes on in his unit. You can hear every noise in this building and smell everything. Last night, there was a fire and you can still smell the smoke today. I have been home all day and still haven’t seen the superintendents come to air out the smell.

Being a relatively cheap building, there are a lot of people who have some unique challenges and these big companies feed on that. I really wish that people would start speaking up; there are several ways you can… You can contact the city, the landlord tenant board, public health, consumer protection and so on. Reach out to your neighbours because I’m certain that there isn’t one person here that doesn’t have an issue with the building.

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I forgot to mention in my previous post. The City Health Department working with the by-law enforcement team can order what is called a "force spray", if everyone(or majority of tenants) indicate bed bugs within their units. No tenant can prevent them from coming in and doing this treatment. If the owners do not cooperate then they can heavily fine them, as well. It sounds like you need a "blitz" done.

I know all of this because, unfortunately, I recently had my own "horrific" experience with

bed bugs. The bed bug task force team at Toronto Health Department are TERRIFIC!!!! They really get on the owners/property management and act as liason/spokesperson and are very compassionate and understanding as well.

Trust me ... they are like "pit bulls' and will also come in and do a complete investigation of all areas and BREACHES of health by-law. If the owners, in addition, fail to comply then they risk being slammed with fines.

Once again, best of luck to all of you who have posted on here.

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I have been reading all of these posts and it sickens me. I was a tenant there for over 15 years and was there when they "fully renovated" the units. The owners at that time used every means to scare long-terms out. Jennifer and his/her Alison were involved in this. I sued them. This was after I got Property L and Standards, Fire Department et al on site for investigations and I documented everything that they put me through (and others).

It was nothing less than a "horror" story. The THEN i

nspector that came out on property (who was extremely arrogant) and not helpful throughout months and MANY infractions and by-law breaches ... fire code, property et al ... ran like a scared rabbit when my lawyer's law firm had their process server try to subpoena him for trial.

Needless to say, the THEN owners, settled out of court hours, before we were to walk in. I had amassed photographs, copies of FAXED letters, photographs of notes... I went through water damage, drilling through my wall when installing the front security cameras, spending a whole night bailing out water from a tarp spread on my bathroom floor (Jennifer's solution), sockets "sparking",flooding my air conditioner when they sandblasted the front brick, NUMEROUS false fire alarms (fire truck full responses), district fire chief being on scene and closing off Roehampton when they used the back hoe with the "unregulated" contractors" to dig at the side and hit gas line ... on and on. The last straw was when the bastards issued ME a "notice to evict", after I had laid on the floor in unit (I am epileptic)all first responders were there ... it was because they had drilled right through my wall (incorrectly) and were proceeding to push through the huge cable cords ... after, they had also drilled through my wall picture and antique stand ... I was screaming for them to stop and ran to get Jennifer and he/she just laughed. I was ECSTATIC to hear he was fired. He caused so much trauma to so many people over the years and thought it was a joke. Good to see karma works. Still debating a law suit against that joker. Still an option because he was part to the suffering that I endured there. What kind of creep watched a girl in Grand Mal seizure and then is part to sliding a warning to evict notice under door because I was "infringing on his and the owner's reasonable" enjoyment. They used every underhanded method and put tenants through hell for months renovating that unit. This is just brief overview of this crap. And they had no qualms I was a law STUDENT AT THE TIME.

None the less ... it was the last straw.

Know your rights ... get the Health Dept. and Prop. L and S in there. Let them do the work. That idiot is fired btw that was previous inspector. They will help you. Call the City and they will provide name of the owners. Have you thought about going to the media btw?

|They City has the logs of all previous incident reports and complaints regarding 63. They were slammed by health dept, prop L and S, fire dept. et al. There are fines to be had.

Best of luck to you all. This sickens me!!!!! Let the City get in there and document all of this crap and do the work for you guys. This sounds like a horror story. You can go after these owners for reimbursement of rent for the months that you have endured lack of reasonable enjoyment.

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I'm not optimistic about Q Residential. The new management is tackling the issue by hiring another "shady" company. As a matter of fact, they might be among the WORST companies. Magical Pest has a 1.6 rating and 30 people has confirmed that they performed poorly.

If this new management will keep hiring shitty exterminators, they will just cause tenants more nuisance rather than helping them.

This building needs proper maintenance. I am looking into any violations the building has. Then, I

'm going to report it to the city because I am extremely fed up. The new management should be aware of these violations since they probably hired an inspector before they bought the building. For instance, if anybody else noticed that the hallways are not straight, please speak up. That alone can cause someone a serious injury someday. You pay for your apartment and there is no harm on getting what you are paying for.

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The building still has bedbugs since the "shady" company that was previously hired did a crappy job eradicating the bugs. On a great note, Jenn is out!!! Wheel turned, huh? It really payed off being an asshole!
Let's see how the new management will tackle the issue.

The building has a huge bed bug problem. Do not move in here.

Is anyone here still having bed bug problems?

I hear ya and sorry to hear. That just goes to show that spraying isn't enough. If they manage to move around it's because they are getting in through somewhere.The management isn't doing enough at all. They should maintain the building and cover all the holes, cracks and spaces under the door. Also, why isn't this guy steaming the carpets? I see bed bus on people's doors all the time. I even garbage on in the hallway all the time because Jenn always sits on her ass.

Getting my unit fumigated tomorrow! If you see this in time you might want to ask to get yours done while they're here, I notice that they seem to scatter from one apartment into the neighbours when they're getting fumigated. Someone on my floor was sprayed a little while ago and now i'm suffering.

I've seen so many little bed bugs in my apartment.
If you are having bed bug issues, please please please report it.

As for the management, you obviously know that the exterminator you hired isn't working PLEASE HIRE A MORE RELIABLE ONE.


Just woke up with bed bug bites on my FACE!!! ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. I've searched everywhere in my apartment ad haven't seen a single bug which makes me believe their getting in here through the floorboards and door. I'm honestly SO irritated this is still going on. Roaches in the summer and bed bugs all year round. This place should be bulldozed.

I have been sprayed twice in the last couple of months and I am still finding bed bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My biggest problem with this building is the management and the fact that they don't do any maintenance inside. They're not willing to solve any problems and all lf them are extremely rude. If you really want out of this building you can give a 60 days notice or N11 form. That is what they tell the tenants to do instead of solving poblems.

I don't have any problems with bed bugs. As soon as I found out they just hire cheap exterminators, I began doing my own research. The pest treatment they

do is very ineffective and unhealthy. If you want to get rid of the best bugs naturally purchase a steam vacuum that reaches up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. I purchased mine from Walmart.ca and shot directly at bed bugs and seen them die instantly.

If you want to stay in this building and stay in it problemfree, reach out to your neighbours. A joint effort in addressing the issues would be really helpful. We all have the same complains with this building. I don't think that people are addressing them properly. Make your requests to Jenn in a form of a letter.

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It's been a few months since they sprayed and I found another bed bug crawling up my curtains yesterday. I guess they're back. Another year of bed bugs and theres no end in sight for my lease. Absolutely the most horrible place i've ever lived. I've had 3 waves of bed bugs and roaches all summer. I've never seen a mouse, but that doesn't mean they're not in here somewhere. I've lost more sleep over this apartment than any other before. I can't wait until my lease is over and i'm OUTTA here. I do

n't have a problem with Jenn, but the rest of the management is horrible.

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This place is a shithole. I lived here and could not complete my 1 year and had to break my lease because of the bed bugs. It affected my sleep and I was in a bad state physically. My arms and everywhere blew up and they keep spraying my place and it won't go away. There were bed bugs on the hallway and outside the doors on the corner. It was fucked!! When I ended my lease they blamed me for everything and they told me I have to pay and that it is my fault. Eric, the manager is rude and unhelpfu

l. You guys are scum. Do not ever move in here because sleeping on the ground outside dundas and sherbourne is cleaner than this place. Jenn is dirty and his place is a fucking shit hole. DO NOT MOVE IN HERE!!

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This building has a huge pest problem. The building management has not dealt with the situation properly. They did a spray treatment in all the units on May 25th and 26th. Unfortunately, the spray treatment didn’t work. It was expected it wouldn’t work since there are 50 units and there was only a single exterminator, one person doing the entire building. It’s not hard not to neglect certain parts.

The exterminator never treated the hallways or any other rooms in the bui

lding (laundry, storage rooms, etc). The building has paneled ceilings and carpeted hallways which makes it very easy for the bugs to linger around. Ultimately, the building has given less than half the effort required to ensure the building would be free of bugs.

This building has a huge turnover in tenants which means they give very little shit what happens to it. I have been apartment searching and decent apartments usually have a waitlist. Don’t waste your time on this building.

I expected that the management would hire a reputable exterminator since they probably make millions off of us. But they continue to hire the same exterminator although it's obviously not working.

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The building has BED BUGS, ROACHES, and MICE. Do not move in here!

Jenn's apartment is a shithole with all due respect to shitholes

Do you have the details of when your coworker visited the building?

By law, they are required to disclose to issue of bed bugs.

Serious changes need to happen in this building. First, fire Jenn because she's so unprofessional. SHE'S ALWAYS DRUNK! Second, fire that Eric/Aaron, whatever his name is, he's rude. Both these people managing the building has absolutely no people skills and are imcompetent and inadequate. Just look at how many complains there are on this site.

This building has had numerous issues with bed bugs and cockroaches over the past several months. One of the most unfortunate things is the lies that are being told to prospective tenants. Unbeknownst to me, a coworker recently inquired about renting at this address. Upon visiting, she was appalled by the dirty hallways and Jenn's apartment/office (I can't understand why management doesn't insist upon presenting a better image to potential renters...this only reflects badly upon Novi Properti

es overall...one can't help but wonder if all of their buildings are so poorly maintained). However, the relatively low rent was alluring and, unbelievably, she was told that there hasn't been any issues with pests here. Before moving ahead with her application, she approached me to ask about my experience in the building (she was concerned about the general lack of upkeep she had observed). Sadly, I had to relate the facts of what everyone here has experienced. I cannot help but think that this building could be so much better managed and, in turn, a much healthier (and happier) place to live. I have passed the same debris and dirt on my way down to the laundry for the past two years, indicating that some areas are simply never cleaned. Such places can become breeding grounds for all sorts of pests. I would challenge management to make an unannounced visit to the building and simply walk along all the floors and up and down both sets of stairs to see exactly the kind of conditions tenants encounter on a daily basis. I wouldn't encourage anyone to live here...issues with pests persist and the situation simply doesn't seem to be getting any better.

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They could at least give people change for the laundry. Jenn could at least clean up. The hallways are always so filthy. What's the point of spraying if they are covering any of the cracks or the space under the door?

My neighbour has had a dead roach infront of his door for the last month. Jenn passes by it and never cleans it up.

Too many people are complaining. Please record your conversations and requests. I'm thinking maybe we could pursue a class action. We shouldn't let people affe

ct our lives this much.

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I totally agree with the poster below...I don't believe that I should have to waste my time and money on their stupidity. And The letters going out were a bit extreme. I moved in and had this problem thrust upon me and have been sprayed 4-5 times in the last 4 months. Constantly moving, washing and bagging up my belongings. I have a full time job and would like to be able to enjoy my days off and not spend them cleaning.

I've gotten about as much compassion as everyone else when trying to ask

for compensation for the money i've spent on personally trying to get rid of the problem. This week I found another bed bug crawling on my wall and a couple cockroaches in my dishwasher. At this point i'm exhausted and broke and have completely given up. None of my friends or family want to come over and all of them feel nervous about having me over to their place for fear of getting bed bugs. Only positive experience coming out of this: at least i'm not afraid of bugs anymore.

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Look at: “I discovered my bed bug issue just before the whole-building spray was announced” and “am happy to announce I've been bug free for the past 2 mths.” There are a few holes in your story.

They have known about the bed bug situation for months now. I have spoken to a few people and they have been getting sprayed since November, January, and so on. The reports here have started since November. Many tenants are trying to opt out because of illnesses and they don

€™t have the resources to be away for 24 hours. When I came back to my apt the next day, it still smelled like chemicals.

The management has dealt with the issue very poorly. Since you are defending them, you deserve to be living in this trashy building. Anybody would be aggravated by this situation. I’ve seen people throw out their belongings. I have seen a lady struggle with her two cats. There are people who are on disability. You have no problem with any of this because you clearly have no sense of compassion.

They could have acted upon the issue since the beginning. Clearly, the spraying isn’t working since many people are continuing to be sprayed until now. This building needs proper maintenance. The doors aren’t properly sized and there are huge spaces underneath and all around.

[email protected] | Public Health Officer (for our area): 416-338-7600 / 311

5th Floor, 277 Victoria Street
Toronto, ON M5B1W2
Toronto , ON

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Actually, what I said was that I noticed the bugs "just" before the whole-building spray was announced. I would have supplied dates and times of my findings had I known I was going to be attacked.

Nevertheless, I have not seen a bug since so it looks like I did something right. If you still have bugs in your place perhaps they are attracted to your toxic personality.

Oh and if you TRULY educated yourself then you would know that the spray only last for a few hours. More importantly, they ONLY kill on contact.

You will still get roaches because nobody cleans this $hithole.

Don't ever call yourself educated if you don't even know how to use proper syntax let alone research something on the internet.

Since they hardly dealt with the situation in a sma building, I highly discourage anybody from moving into any of Novi or Gateway Properties.

Nice try. You say you never noticed having bed bugs until the whole thing was announced yet you say you haven't noticed bed bugs in the past two months. The spray was two weeks ago. Can you even count? If you got sprayed two months ago it can only because your place is infested.

Not every building in Toronto has bed bugs. I for one have never seen a bed bug in my life until this building. I've also never seen a superintedent who can't even do simple plumbing or as a simple as cleaning his ren

tal unit that is used as a rental office.

And since I've never had bed bugs I DO have a problem with such a notice. They wasted my time and money. You obviously don't care about your money or time wasted because you don't care about living in poor conditions. I believe since they caused people so much inconvenience they should have the decency to write a letter that neutral, at the very least.

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I've been in this building for a few yrs. I discovered my bed bug issue just before the whole-building spray was announced. I had never heard of a forced-spray for an entire building so I was really glad to hear it. Yes, the process was a colossal drag but I educated myself and dealt with the issue. I made traps out of yeast, water and sugar to monitor the situation after the spray and am happy to announce I've been bug free for the past 2 mths. I never had roaches in this apartment and am

happy, because of the spray, I may not. The harshness of the notices was 100% warranted and I had no problem with it. I know there are tenants that will think because everyone else was sprayed they can opt out. Not so. It doesn't take much for one bug to become an infestation.
There's not a rental building in Toronto without a bed bug problem, according to this website, so you can move if you want to but there's a good chance they'll find you anyway.

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Found a roach in the hallway today. Absolutely disgusting!

Management, what are you planning to do about the disgusting carpet that Jenn rarely vacuums?

He leaves that vacuum around the hallway. That's one way bed bugs and insects are spreading!

I'm sick and tired of his dogs shitting around the hallway!

I really feel sorry for those who are still going through the bedbug and cockroach infestations there. If it weren't for the lazy and incompetent superintendent(s) it might have been a decent place to live. Unfortunately they still barely lift a finger and don't seem to really mind living in filth themselves, or having the common areas look or smell like it. I did as the others are thinking about doing and finally got the heck out there. Do NOT move in here. It's not worth your time or aggravati


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if u know of dat kinda business y dont u report it to the police

Yes, this building IS an absolute dump and has been for years. Management seemingly doesn't give a damn about the condition of this place whatsoever so don't bother complaining....just MOVE. Trust me. And I can also personally confirm some of the other remarks here regarding the completely filthy, and totally WEIRD superintendent there. This guy is as creepy as it gets. And the reason why the place is so dirty, and constantly smells like cigarettes and pot smoke, is because that's where most of

his income REALLY comes from ...if you know what I'm saying. One of his "business" associates is that fat, bald dude (that has become partial to wearing a black cowboy hats recently), who stands in front of the hotdog stand at the corner of Yonge and Roehampton for 18 hours a day. Trust me... that hotdog guy ISN'T selling hotdogs. Anyone who's thinking about moving into this building DON'T. There are way better buildings in the area that have REAL management and a REAL superintendents who actually do WORK for a living!!

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The entire building was sprayed the past couple days. Found another cockroach already.

If you are renting for a specific period of time (1 year I guess) you can break the lease with an N11 form (agreement to end a tenancy) if the landlord agrees. He is the one who suggested it, so there should be no problem with it as long as you're giving them 60 days. In this case your lease is broken and you should not be responsible to pay for the months left in the lease.

I believe you are talking about assigning the lease, in which you can find somebody else who pays the rent. But if for

any reason they do not pay it, you are still responsible for it.


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apparently, if treatment cannot be completed in a unit, that tenant must pay for the costs. if treatment CAn be done, costs will be covered.

How does this make sense? Also, Living in a bachelor there isnt exactly space to move everything 2 ft away from the wall.

Eric Reyes is the manager name (regarding the comment below). the same attitude was shown to me too. How I can give my 60 days notice if Im dissatisfied. Oh.. and even if I choose to move out early, im still required to pay for t

he months after that until my lease expires.

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Management sent out letters about treating the building as a whole. The letter was very harsh, not apology whatsoever. They blame EVERY single tenant for this issue. They are putting the blame on tenants rather than their incompetence and lack of action. They are pushing to charge tenants for the treatment. The people who are managing this building are absolutely awful and disgraceful. Take your business elsewhere!

has of may 25 & 26 the whole building is being treated for bed bugs others small bugs

has of may 25 & 26 the whole building is being treated for bed bugs others small bugs

There is no need to forward the comments to the management. I called them and they are aware of this page. It is possibly the only reason why they are treating the whole building now.

Management seems to have no interest in the well being of their tenants. We're more like rent-paying meat bags to them and we can be disposed if needed. My wife has asthma and with the upcoming bed bug treatment we'll have to stay outside the unit for at least 24 hours. When I called to request if management wa

s willing to cover some of the costs of the accommodations we'd have to arrange (car, hotel, pet boarding, etc.) I received a categorical negative answer. The manager (Aaron?) said if they were to cover these costs, people would say that they "are not able to lift their legs and will ask for compensation for wheelchairs". What a great example of the empathy the management has for its tenants. When expressed my dissatisfaction for the way the building is managed (including and especially the superintendent Jenn Johnson) I was told I could simply give them a 60 days notice. Again, this shows how much they care about tenants.

I know it's tempting seeing as the units are as little as $1,000 but it's not worth the stress. There are three construction sites around the building and you will begin to hear the noise by 7:00 am. Also, the building is right beside Bell and you'll hear their garbage pick up at around 5:50 AM - 6:10 AM, if you're lucky.

Be careful because what they advertise is very misleading. They say internet is included but it is so slow you cannot actually use it. You'll end up having to pay at least another $50 for internet. At last, if you don't have a death wish and you're bothered by smoke this building isn't for you as the building has really poor air quality.

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This building is god-awful. The hallways are discusting, and constantly reek of smoke. The super is extremely rude, unhelpful, strange, and incompetent.The units 100% have bed bugs, I am getting biten more and more every night. It is an extremely stressful situation...I am moving out as soon as possible and never looking back. I don't understand how the property management has let this building grow so terrible. I will be forwarding all the preceding comments to management to see if any changes


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I've been living here for a couple years now, and never had any problems until recently- when I moved in there were no reports on here, and in the past few months I see that it's become a problem. I definitely have bed bugs, getting bitten every single night. I'm not sure how they're going to fix this without spraying the entire building, but judging from the response I've gotten in reporting this, that's unlikely. I suspect it's only going to get worse. At this point I'm strongly considering mo

ving out and abandoning my things here so I don't bring bed bugs to my new place, and they can deal with them.

On top of this, the super is AWFUL. Totally unhelpful and rude, not to mention downright strange. My apartment has been entered for "renovations" more times that in the entirety of the time I've lived in Toronto (10+ years) with little to no notice. Considering how they've dealt with problems in the past, I have little confidence that they'll adequately deal with the bed bug problem.

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Started seeing lots of roaches and now they're gone. This video helped a lot. The girl is really annoying but her suggestions worked.


A month ago, found roaches in my microwave. They must've been hiding when I put the food in. There are no food splatters in my microwave. When the timer went off, I opened the door to see two roaches, one crawling on my food and one on my door. I almost threw up.

Also, the super is NOT 24 hours as is advertised. Or at least was when I first moved in. I've been told many times by her, she only works from 6 am to 4 pm. Mon-Sat. "You can call the cops if you have any problems".

April 21 2015

Lived in this building for almost a year. First when I moved it, everything was fine. it was newly painted and the floors were redone. But, everywhere and everything was filthy. The area around the fridge looked like it had never been cleaned, the oven was caked with burnt food, areas around large appliances were caked in dirt, as were all the window sills. The A/C was so dusty I didn't use it until I cleaned it as much as I could.. and got desperate with the hot weather.


ve had many issues. Before signing the lease, I asked if sound could be heard through the ceiling and I was told no. As soon as I moved in, all I could hear was stomping from the floor above. I realized how much I had been lied to before moving in. Sometimes the TV is on so loud I can hear the words through the ceiling.

The super has been very unhelpful. If anything, very two faced. Pretends to be helpful but doesn't actually do anything. Says that she's busy doing so much work but the longest I've seen her out of her unit is for half an hour. The carpets in the hallway are "vacuumed" .. maybe once a month if we're lucky.

There are roaches everywhere. I saw a roach crawl from a crack in my doorway, cross the hallway and go into the unit across from me. Unsurprisingly, the pattern on the carpet makes it look like it isn't there.

No matter how much I've sprayed my place and cleaned it top to bottom, I still get roaches. They crawl around in my sink, in my cupboards, in my bathroom.

Ironically, I stopped caring so much about the roaches (I used to bleach the counter everyday but that didn't work) and now they don't appear as much.

Today I found two roaches the size of my pinky in my cupboard where I leave my glasses. The only good outcome of this infestation is that I no longer am afraid of bugs. It's become second nature to reach for my paper towel, corner the bug and squish it.

I've also seen the super blatantly lie to people looking at the building by saying that there are no bugs at all in the building or that cleaning is done once a week.

I've tried to get everything done through writing so that there wouldn't be any miscommunications. I was denied. Apparently the only way to do things or ask for things is face to face since email or texting is impersonal (which is what was said to me). Texting will anger the super. Leaving notes will anger the super. You do not want to anger the super.

This place is sketchy. I would not recommend moving in here. I've tried talking to management and they just refer me to the super. It's frustrating. This has been one of the most unpleasant living experiences.

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Had my apartment sprayed a while back and tonight just before going to bed I found some more bed bugs. I've washed everything, thrown out what I could, and have generally been vigilant about staying clean/preventative measures. I've been spraying rubbing alcohol like crazy all over the place and have bought some other hardware store remedies to keep the bed bugs at bay. I'm pretty fed up at this point though so it looks like i'll be doing another round of exterminators soon, letting management k

now of the new bugs tomorrow. If anyone has any suggestions on what can be done about this let me know....

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This is the only building I've been in where marijuana and cigarette smells linger around in the hallway. Seen some people smoking inside and in front the lobby. I'm going to start reporting. Because of the smokefree regulations, you'll be paying some hefty fines ;)

* Read this if you want your apt to be free of pests *

Not every building in Toronto has bed bugs. And so if every apartment you’ve lived in has bed bugs then you are definitely one of the people bringing bed bugs around. Bed bugs don’t come around just because your apartment is dirty. Once a building has bed bugs it’s hard to get rid of them. It’s the same for roaches. Sure roaches starts off because of uncleanliness but it’s hard to kill them. These pests

lay eggs!

If you keep living in buildings, why don’t you educate yourself about getting rid of these pests and preventing them? In that way people that never had bed bugs or roaches won’t have to throw out their possessions and watch their money go to waste. It also causes people a lot of stress and it really isn’t fair.

Before cleaning and getting your apartment sprayed, you could start of by sealing your entire apartment. All you need to do is put caulk wherever there are cracks and holes. As for the door, you can even use some double sided tape. Seal your door! That is where I’ve seen roaches coming in from. It would really help if everybody can urge the management to soundproof the doors and rip off the carpets. Imagine how many pests and eggs are living in those carpets. I regularly spray rubbing alcohol on the area in front of my door. You can also sprinkle borax or spray some essential oils and water. But don’t mix those things together! Whenever you vacuum throw away the bag right away, wash the attachments in hot water and sanitize it.

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Hey people, every building in Toronto have bed bugs! I lived in many apartments and it's same here. It's a people problem, no matter what owners do they come back if tenants don't help out too.

Roaches too, stay clean. If you have a dirty neighbor then bugs come back.

Moving into this building has caused us a lot of stress too. The first issue with this building is the super. S/he is a slob! There isn't a rental office; his/her ashtray apartment is the rental office. S/he lets his/her dogs run wild and since s/he never brings them out in the winter they poop in the hallway. The front of the building is disgusting. There is so much garbage, cigarette butts and dog feces. Jenn can never be bothered to clean any of it up. We've sealed our apartment, caulked all

holes, even put plugs into all the outlets. We're bedbug free but we get roaches coming in from the door. It's been flaring up my asthma. Can we start a petition? They should weather strip or soundproof the doors so nothing can go in. Get Jenn off his butt to do some major cleaning in and out. We can't have visitors it's embarrassing starting from the outside. Recently, one of the laundry machines weren't working. It was already hell having only two machines for fifty units. Finally, they also jacked up the price for laundry.

Take photos of bedbugs, roaches, etc. and put it up on 63 Roehampton ads and reviews online. Maybe this exposure would persuade them a bit.

P.S. I believe they can only spray your apartment upto 3 times in a month by law. I've read spraying doesn't do anything. Bedbugs become resistant to it. It's also really bad for your health. The best option is diatomaceous earth and seal all holes and cracks in your unit too. I urge you all to make a proper complaint about the building's overall maintenance.

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STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUILDING! I've lived there for 5 years and am moving out because management has not been able to deal with the problem.

I've had the occasional roach for 2 years and my apartment has been sprayed 7 times, but they keeping moving to a new apartment and then coming back. Recently, I found bed bugs in my apartment and I'm out of here.

Building management is not spraying the entire building, so they keep moving from one apartment to another. DO NOT MOVE IN!!!

Legit just moved in 3 weeks ago from LONDON and had never had this problem before in my life. This week I found huge bloody welts all over my body and my apartment is crawling with roaches and bedbugs.

Everything looked fine before I moved in, freshly painted and entirely new fixtures, new floors, etc... now i've been up the last 2 days disinfecting everything and doing laundry. I wish I had known about this problem BEFORE I moved in so I wouldn't have to be suffering so much right now. I ca

n't believe I never found this site before I moved in, it was only today that my friend told me I could check to see if there were previous posts about my apartment.

Huge disappointment and it's been a hectic/stressful last couple of days.

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I recently found quite a few in my apt. I am being sprayed. I had no idea this was an issue before now but it makes sense when you look at the other reports around the neighborhood. I wish the building could be dealt with as a whole instead of one apt at a time.

Not only does this building have bed bugs but it also has cockroaches. These insects move away from apartments that have been exterminated and into other apartments.


We’ve seen cockroaches and bed bugs coming from the walls. We’ve purchased some Diatomaceous Earth, I suggest you do too. AFTER INSERTING DIAT


Another issue with this building is many tenants chain smoke marijuana. As soon as you enter the building you can smell marijuana coming from the second floor.

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Building definitely has bugs... Have been finding them more and more often.. Extermination hasn't been working. Any way we can push this issue with the landlord?

Last week I found over 25 bed bugs and my apartment is infested. They treated my apartment and when I returned there were live bugs everywhere. I was told this was normal and that it would get better with the second treatment.

I would not recommend this place to anyone as it is not kept up and extremely dirty and full nasty smells and smoke.

Before we moved into the building, we checked this website to see if there was a report and there wasn't. Then, we saw a bed bug on our first night here. Sadly, the previous poster posted just a day before we officially moved in.

There are DEFINITELY bed bugs in the building. We've seen three in our unit. Our unit is newly painted and the floors were just treated. We checked our furniture and we never had bugs in our previous home.

There are definitely bed bugs in the surrounding unit. We

are treating our unit naturally. Unfortunately, we cannot have our unit chemically treated because I have severe asthma and it also won't be safe for our pets.

It would be nice if the company who owns the building would spend some money to get the carpets out of the hallway and treat the units the are infested. It is unfair that we just moved in and we're already going through this stress and expenses.

If you have some medical conditions I am discouraging you from moving into this building. The hallways always smell like cigarettes and it definitely has bed bugs.

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This building has had bedbugs for YEARS. There are a few tenants whose apartments are like a breeding ground for the bedbugs.

If you alert the super to bedbugs in your apartment, they'll come in and treat your unit, but they refuse to do anything else, like treat the building properly or evict the tenants mentioned.

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