368 Eglinton Ave E
Toronto, ON M4P

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I concur with anonymous 01/2015. I've lived in the building for nearly two decades - the original owner maintained a bi-annual pest control regime, and I never saw a bug/rodent. Since the Howard Property Co. has purchased the building the bi-annual pest service has stopped. I don't know why he professes to maintain a monthly program. Since they have taken over I have seen roaches in my bathroom, on my coffee table and in my kitchen. I've also seen them in the laundry room and elevators. The bu

ilding appears to be infested now. Management company is more concerned with squeezing every penny out of the building to pad their wallet then maintaining a pest free environment. Shame on them.

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On behalf of the landlord, The Howard Property Company is dedicated to addressing tenant's concerns promptly and ensuring our tenants live in a pest-free environment. We maintain monthly pest-control treatments and will respond to any pest control maintenance requests immediately. If you have an issue in your unit, please contact your Superintendent or Property Manager right away.

Terrible space. Always cockroaches, small bugs, and other indescribable insects pacing around.

We've stopped cooking in order to prevent attracting any of the bugs in the kitchen.

Have been dealing with this problem for almost a year now and the property owner refuses to admit that there is a problem. I had to fight with them just to get treatment even after I've shown them bite marks on my body. They told me that it wasnt and had refused to spray

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