200 Roehampton Ave
Toronto, ON M4P

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It is December 2014 and 200 Roehampton has all of the problems mentioned on this website.

1. cockroaches

2. rats

3. bed bugs

4. bad landlord - the grandkids have inherited the building from grandpa Roth and the new property manager they must have got at a deep discount somewhere. She is such a joke with a bad attitude.

5. There is a high turnover of tenants. The right elevator keeps breaking down with people in them. Tenants move in with heavy furniture, experience reality and mo

ve out as quickly as they moved in. As a result the elevator keeps breaking down.

6. Many tenants started using the stairs out of fear of being caught in the elevator only to find out there are kids (and others) from two schools nearby lurking in the stairwells doing drugs.

7. Major break-ins into apartments have happened in the building in broad daylight. The landlord wanted to keep it secret but word got out. Maybe the police should come in plainclothes and unmarked cars next time. In November 2014 alone there were three apartments were broken into at 200 Roehampton and five at 177 Redpath Avenue that the same landlord owns.

8. Tenants have had to take the landlord to the Tenant board many times and won major settlements.

The company used to be called AVCAN Management and is now called North Edge property management when two of the grand kids got these two (or more) of the buildings.

The present supers in both buildings are good people who go beyond the call of duty to help tenants. They deserve better jobs and better bosses than this one.

The landlord treats the tenants very badly. Do you want to move in here? That is your decision to make after reading this.

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No issues with this building. I've been a happy resident on the 11th floor since 2010. Our neighbors across the hall are a nice family.

The new supers are great. They've been here for less than a year and already know almost every tenant by name. Very helpful and quick to resolve maintenance issues.

Elevators are busy but this area is high traffic, young professionals. Laundry facilities are good, I think I only had an issue once or twice in the two years I've been here where I couldn't

get a machine. Can't expect anything different on a Saturday - you'll have the same issue at any building!

Reality of the situation is that it is an old building. I'm only moving out because we're in a 2 bdrm and my roommate is moving back home and I can't afford a 1 bedroom in this building.

Also, I'm not the most anal person about cleaning but I did do a thorough sweep/swiffer/mop session at minimum every 3 weeks. Old building = old vents = a lot of dust. I've never once had an issue with bed bugs/mice/cockroaches.

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We have move here recently (after summer 2012). So far we haven't had any issues. There are many tenants who own dogs in the building and that is probably what brings these pests in. It seems that the owner changed the management and superintendents, they seem friendly and they say they have dealt with these issues.

We will see if that is the case. We will post if we see a problem.

We moved here in December 2011 (9 months ago). The building is literally falling apart, they rent to anyone whose cheque clears, there are mice roaming the hallways on the 6th floor, and we just noticed cockroaches in the kitchen. Don't even get me started on how busy in and out traffic is (elevators are always filled with people night and day). The turnover rate is very high and like I said they rent to anyone who applies. This has resulted in people moving in with big dogs, partying on the

balconies, fights, etc. The elevators are often out of service (one was shut down due to vandalism this past weekend Sep 8-9). The hallways smell like baby shit - literally! I think someone saves dirty diapers... There are hoarders and low income people living here and the lobby and laundromat are usually full of junk from people who think others want their trash. DO NOT MOVE HERE IF YOU LIKE: Clean, sanitary, peace and quiet. TRUST ME!!!!

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Lived here for 2 years in between 2010 and 2012. Absolutely disgusting building infested with mice to the point where my boyfriend and I witnessed one running around the halls. Landlord is a joke and goes into people's apartments without notice, almost walked in on me several times in the morning, assuming I'd be at work. He is rude and doesn't know how to deal with people. Save youself the trouble, DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!!!

Any issues with bugs at this building? I am supposed to be signing a lease later this week, and after seeing these reports am second guessing. Any help?

Any problems with bedbugs, cockroaches, or mice, in this building?

I recently moved into a penthouse unit in this building despite seeing these bedbug reports because a) they are a few years old and b)I specifically asked the superintendent about them and he reassured me that there were none.

I underwent a ridiculously hassle-full process to have my rental application approved because the management was too lazy; I had to receive official copies of numerous letters because management refused to call my actual references.

Despite all this trouble, I signed

my lease and moved in. After living here for only 1 week, my bedsheets, clothes, everything is infested with bed bugs. I have allergies and had a terrible reaction after the bedbugs; I ended up going to the hospital ER. I talked to the Superintendent who refuses to address the problem. I have spoken to many neighbours since then and have found that it is not only my unit that is infested.

Please save yourself the trouble and do not move in here! The bedbugs and terrible superintendent is not worth it!

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The super is lazy and rude guy poorly speaking english! This means you can't expect to solve the issues here!!
He has no idea how to talk to people and i found that he was very double face when I saw that he was talking to maintenance staff!!! Because he treats them like a slave!!!
Bed bug and lazy super!!! No reason to move into this building!!!

We've been living here in 200 roehampton ave for 2 years, bed bugs since day 1, apartment has been sprayed 3 times, waiting on fourth spraying. We are moving out, tossing all our furniture. We are done with this place.

I live here in 120 Broadway Avenue for 9 years now, and in the past three years, my unit was infested with bed bugs. I told the super about the infestations but had not done nothing. So, I just did all the things I can do. I cleaned every Friday night, vacuumed and sprayed in the beginning. I was feeling so sorry for my whole family especially my kids that I was seeing every morning with so bed bug bites. I pulled and my resources researching on how to eliminated bed bugs, and finally, I was ab

le to do so by steaming everything, from beds to couches, my kids stuff toys, and especially the floor. Thanks God I finally got rid of them. If you are planning to move in this place, forget about it. The building maintenance is very poor and the super is very lazy. All the carpets in the hallway are reaped off. The super does not clean at all. The grass in the front is growing tall and ugly, the garbages are mostly scattering the area, and if it's winter time, the super if hybernating too, doesn't shovel. I forgot to tell you that there's always something broken here from the main door to the elevator. Poor seniors living on the 4th flr that could hardly get up and down by stair....So don't move in this place...The super is rude and mean...

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When I first moved into this building there was a million cockroaches that I obviously didn't get the pleasure of meeting until I moved in. They came and put gel in the cupboards and gave me some powder to put down. They NEVER sealed the cracks like they said they would. Now there is lots of people in here complaining about bed bugs. FUCK THIS BUILDING!

We were planning on moving into this building until one of the occupents told us that since April 2009 (5 moth period), more than 4 units were sprayed for cockroaches and more than 6 for bed bugs.

It pays to talk to residents before signing anything!!

I live in 200 Roehampton ave. Apartments and First we had a Bed bugs but now we have carpet beetles and it won't go away! They come and spray and it's more than three months now and we still have loads of it. Don't know what to do? through out all of our furniture and pack all of our clothes but i have to go to work and etc but it's soo hard to live with clothes packed and clean every day even there is time for rest. i contacted to the landlord and pet control came by couple of times but still w

e have this bugs inthe apartment one of the bedroom and it keeps coming alive from the apartment cracks and holes under the heater. contacted to authorities many times but no luck they don't seem to care especially city's municipality they are soo lazy and ignorant to help don't know what to do i am paying full rent for two bedroom and sleeping on a coach in the living room.. Terrible and disturbing to live with this creatures in the same house and they fly i couldn't belive....

please let me know what to do?

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This building is infected with Bed Bugs. They do come and spray, but only spray one apartment at a time. This has been called and registered with Toronto Public Health. Please be aware of this when looking at renting in this building.

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