160 Erskine Ave
Toronto, ON M4P

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I have been living in 160 Erskine for just over 3 years now. Last winter was the first time I experienced the little tiny ants that others have mentioned on this site. I wouldn't say I was 'infested', generally I would only see about 2 or 3 ants at a time, first on the kitchen counter and then later in the bathroom, so basically near the walls that contain water pipes.

Once the warmer weather appeared, they went away until about a week ago.

A friend of mine, who lives two floors above me

near the penthouse level says he has never experienced these tiny ants which leads me to believe that the problem increases on the lower floors.

I tried some Canadian Tire and Home Depot remedies, but that only seemed to get rid of them for about a day or two, maybe a week at the most.

I will admit these tiny ants are less of a problem compared to say coachroaches or bed bugs, but when the apartment complex is spending so much money trying to make the place look 'condo like', I don't know how new tenants well feel when they find out they have an insect problem during the winter months.

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I second what the person below me wrote.

These tiny little ants are everywhere! I noticed them in my bathroom first and then they spread to the rest of my apartment.

I noticed mold build up on my wall, on the outside of my bathroom, and got the building to treat it. I think the ants must have been living in the mold because once it was treated, I found swarms of them. I killed over 50 ants in one night - just in my bathroom alone!

Two weeks after the building treated my apartment for a

nts, I was ant free for a week and delighted. But, like the person below me stated, they came back.

It's very, very frustrating.

I've even seen them in the laundry room of the building!

No bedbugs though. Thankfully.

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Lots of ants are in most apartments (pharoah) - bathrooms and kitchens (all over counter tops, cupboards, floors). The building sprays one unit at a time but the ants move from one apt to another and return to the unit that was treated. The pest company said the building is infested entirelly but the property manager won't spray entire building all at once so the problem has worsened over the past couple years with entire floors suffering from the ant issue.

Not bedbugs at all at 160 Erskine Ave

Not bedbugs at all at 160 Erskine Ave

Don't move here! There are bedbugs on the 16th floor that have travelled between apartments.

No bedbugs to report at this time. A few ants, but they went away after a few traps from home depot where laid out.

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