140 Erskine Ave
Toronto, ON M4P

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My bedbug encounter at 140 Erskine happened in July. After realizing that there was an issue, I immediately called the front office. The woman that I spoke to became very defensive and said they had NEVER had bed bugs before (strongly hinting that I was to blame). However, once I was passed along to the superintendent my experience improved. They treated the apartment and I haven't seen any of the nasty little critters since (knock on wood)!


I am also looking at an apartment at 110 Erskine and was hoping someone could let me know if that building has had any reports or if someone is currently living there could help me out?

I've lived at this complex for ten years, and I have not had ANY problems at all with bed bugs. I had ants (briefly), but I was able to take care of them myself in no time at all. I have also not heard of anyone complain of bed bugs in all my years there, and trust me - people would be talking if they found them in their apartment. Can't speak for the other buildings, but I've heard absolutely NOTHING about bed bugs at 140 Erskine.

April 5 2011,

I woke up with 10 bites all over my shoulders, there were soo itchy. I was like WTF is going on here...! I decided to look in my pillow and sure enough I found one bedbug. :(

I'm not sure where the bedbug came from. I been living here for over 2 years and to be honest I never even seen a fucking spider... I'm very shocked that I found a bedbug. ughhhhhhhh

I do not recommend moving here cause it is a older building. Thus they live in the walls, electrical outlets . So

oner or later they will find their way back. They move from apartment to apartment.

Im so upset, Its like living a nightmare bedbugs are the worst!

Please do not move here!

see full report...

i susan lin has bedbegs in my unit it is very scary

Hey all, I've been living at 160 Erskine Ave for about a year now and nothing to report on the bugs issue. A few ants have made their debut about two weeks ago, but a bit of stuff from the Home Depot sorted that out.

Hi. Thank you for sharing your experience. I hope that you can find a solution.
I am planning to move into 110 Erskine Ave, which I have noticed, is managed by the same company. Do you know if there are bed bug infestations at 110 Erskine too? Thank you.

I am currently experiencing a major infestation of bedbugs. There are several units in this complex infected with this scary little vampires. I cannot sleep at nights :(

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