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Hello Dec 31 2014

I have been living in this building for a while, and my apt has been treated once for preventive issues when there was an outburst last year (2014) in apt below, unfortunately now my apt has been hit Im really frustrated as I had to throw my bed everything sheets pillows, box spring mattresses and wash everything and spray myself as the it was a holiday! and building could not program an exterminator as I am writing this my apt. still have not been fumigated it is

going to take the company 8 days to do this !

This building has a recurring problem for what I can see you might be lucky and not get affected or......

I requested to be compensated not in full of course, the bed was two years old but at least something and payment for the laundry fees that are over $80 and counting.

The first response from the superintendent is that the company ( CAP REIT ) only pays for the exterminator

Otherwise of this serious issue the building and neighbors are great and the building manager is very helpful always available
Update Jan 21 2015

They have denied my claim I'm proceeding to
Fight my claim with the tenant association


124 broadway ave m4p 1v8 Toronto Ontario
They have fumigated three times and still see them
Don't know what to do

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Are there still issues at this building?

We had a huge misfortune to live in the CAP REIT owned building located at 1021 Howay Street in New Westminster, BC. We had countless sleepless nights and lived through a plastic bag hell. Our apartment was sprayed 5 times in 3 months with no success, the problem was only getting worse and we were finding more and more bugs.
CAP REIT was using services of a contractor called "Done Right". All their treatments were super quick and done in a “slam bang - and it's done” way. Later the

company changed the name to "Critter Rescue" but the same people were doing express treatments (I wonder why the name was changed). Moreover the Pest control was in violation of the Integrated Pesticide Management Act of BC; this was reported to the Ministry of Environment of BC. A government action was executed against “Done Right”/Critter Rescue”, despite this fact CAP REIT still uses services of that company.
Since “Done Right”/”Critter Rescue” started dealing with the problem it only got worse. When it started in August 2009, bugs were only in unit 331. Now according to K9 inspection they are in 6! units, they are: 231, 232, 331, 332, 431, 432. So far four tenants moved out of the infested apartments: 231, 232, 431, 432 are now vacant. Unfortunately it looks like CAP REIT and their contractor successfully fights tenants (not the bugs), by putting tenants into substandard living conditions and that forces people to run away.
The exact same problem was reported in March of 2009 by CBC - http://www.cbc.ca/health/story/2009/03/30/bc-bedbugs.html
In my case and the case described in the CBC article CAP REIT was acting in the exact same manner, poorly handling the case; even the Pest Control company remained the same. Numerous complaints and attempts to convince CAP REIT to hire a different Pest control company were violently rejected.
If you want to risk your health and wellbeing then this building is for you, otherwise do not touch it with a 10 feet pole.
If you are fighting with CAP REIT over the exact same problem I can only wish you luck and patience. [email protected]

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I'm currently in the process of taking Capreit to tribunal over the exact same issue. Moved in and was told by a neighbour that they had had them and started finding them ourselves a few days later. Capreit is now suggesting that we are responsible for the infestation. If anyone is interested in testifying against their professionalism and dedication when dealing with this situation, please contact me: [email protected]

cap reit is the worse landlord company there is to deal with. i have lived in another one of their buildings, 77 huntley, which is bed bug infested. they don't care, they know about the problems and they do nothing. did you know they are on the stock market? did you know they are the largest landlords in canada? something needs to be done. people don't appreciate renting bed bugs and cockroaches and their rent is not cheap either. i could have lived in the ghetto for way less rent and no bed bug

s :(

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Apt 225 Broadway Avenue.

Last week my unit was sprayed for the 5th time. The first few were 'preventative' due to fairly serious infestation in neighbouring unit (227). After returning from a long weekend away (18-JUL-08) I suffered a heavy attack and demanded immediate spraying. Superintendants also caulked all floorboard seams same day. Superintendants asked if I was 'sure' I didn't have pets and suggested it may be allergies because no other units other than neighbouring u

nit were reporting problems. I now know this to be untrue - seems to be a pattern: 225,325,425, and I know from discussion with downstairs neighbour there is a problem in 125.

Toronto Public Health (416-338-7600) does nothing because bed bugs do not carry disease.

Cap Reit (Sandra Stiff 416-861-9404) does nothing for obvious reasons.

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In April, there was a "preventative" spraying of the apartments, presumably due to the complaint from the previous post. Around this time, I noticed a few bites and caught a bug. I complained and asked whether there was a plan for a second spraying, and was met with shock and the assurance that the spraying was preventative only and that this was the first they had heard of bedbugs in the building. Considering there was a pest control truck parked outside at the time of this conversation, I didn

't believe it then. I am in unit 425, directly above the unit in the previous post, so now I also know where the bugs were coming from. They sprayed my unit twice, caulked all the baseboards, and left the crushed shell powder around all of the walls. I never had a major infestation, just a few stray bugs for a week or two, and after the last treatment I haven't had any more problems with bugs. I'm definitely not thrilled about being lied to about the problem, though.

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Moved into Unit #325 in Aug 2007 - 1st had cockroaches; landlord sprayed & used gel 4x; these under control by Jan. 2008; March 8, 2008 discovered bedbugs. Told by another tenant she had bedbugs in Unit #118 in Jan 2008; this tenant reported a tenant in Unit 227 had a problem before her. Superintendant called in pest control. They sprayed my unit (#325) 3x - Mar. 19, April 9 and April 18.- company uses stronger sprays (Magical Pest Control Inc.). Had to throw out my bed, some furniture. Bugs lim

ited to bedroom area. Steam cleaned sofa & chair. I caulked entire apartment. Laundered and dry cleaned all clothing (total cost of expenses to me approx. $1000).
Superintendent did not tell me about problem in Unit 118 - suggested I must have brought in the bugs - said she didn't know where they came from!
Moved out of unit in April - gave early notice to vacate. I wrote letter itemizing situation to Cap Reit (landlords) - have never had a reply.
FYI: superintendant of building due west of 124 Broadway admitted they had bedbugs also. DO NOT RENT IN 124 BROADWAY - LORD ELGIN APTS.

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