11 Sherwood Ave
Toronto, ON M4P

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Very bad place to live. Have heard of beg bugs in the building. Also just for your information, often in the mornings the building is out of hot water. In the winter it is cold even with all heaters on full because the windows are extremely leaky. Also space heaters are not allowed... The hot water heater broke last friday, and it is now thursday. 7 days without hot water. The Superintendants are not concerned with any problems the tenants may have.

I agree with Sara's post. I have enjoyed living here, and never had one experience with bedbugs. I think the supers do a good job, and have no complaints.

I"ve been here a year and a half and have never heard any mention of bedbugs. I actually find property management to do a good job. They replaced an entire sink the day we put in a maintenance request. The sidewalks are always cleared off snow. They always give proper notice before entering our unit. I've liked living here.

I agree with all of the above, but what else do you expect from buildings which are 80+ years old. They're fire traps and it's a wonder with the lack of maintenance that they haven't burned down by now. Unfortunately in a building that old you're going to have bugs and rats and mice.

I had to set a trap to catch a rat in a friend's apartment and I was only there an hour or so and I was bitten by bedbugs. I went to catch the rat since the superintendent told my friend she was crazy and ther

e were no rats in the building. I put the rat in a plastic bag and hung it on his door knob.

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Where to begin...During our year and a half long stay at 11 sherwood ave we have experienced the following: no hot water intermittently for periods of anywhere from 1 day to 1 week in november of 2011. After numerous attempts to request abatement of rent we finally squeezed fifty dollars out of them. woohoo...Upper management is no better than the awful superintendents. Also we have experienced mice and rats in our apartment up to the size of a squirrel! There has been water leakage through our

bathroom ceiling, outlets that spark when plugs are pulled out and told by the supers that its normal....maybe wherever they came from...Front door lock broken and left unlocked for almost a week (by the way most keys will open the front door anyway including tiny mail keys). Also I have just learned that there are bedbugs in building 11 and we have experienced bites but have not found anything after two inspections. Coincidence? All in all it has been a difficult stay here and I strongly recommend no one move in here no matter how nice the dishwasher and a/c unit look!!!!! Save yourself the monumental headache.

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bed bugs found at 25 sherwood. landlord sent pest control after I said I would call public health
they are supposed to treat the building. meanwhile I have thrown out all my furniture

I'm sure if they had much better superintendents, ones that actually kept the four buildings clean, there wouldn't be all these problems, the rent goes up towards the end of your years lease!!!!!! All tenants need to get together and refuse to pay their rent until things are improved here!!!!

Bedbugs on 2nd floor. Just moved out because of the problem. Had unit sprayed 3 times, cost me a lot of money and had to toss out a lot of furniture.

which floor? We've had numerous problems in this building, but no bedbugs (yet).

Do no move in to Sherwood Apartments. There is a huge bedbug problem!!!! Management and superintendents are ignoring this problem. On top of that the buildings are filthy and supers are extremely rude, lazy, arrogant and they like to harass the tenants. Please think twice before you move in!!!!!!

The place was newly carpeted and I found out why. The had had a previously unreported bed bug infestation and instead of taking care of it responsibly they just covered the floors. They were all over the apartment just under the carpet. The superintendent will not do anything about the problem and you're lucky if he even comes and talks to you instead of just saying he can't do anything over the intercom.

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