4000 Yonge St
Toronto, ON M4N

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The tenant who claimed her mother had bed bugs did not have them. The suite was inspected by pest control and they found nothing. The suite was treated just in case at the landlords expense to be 100% sure. The building is an extremely clean and well looked after property.

It is pretty obvious some landlords like a couple messages ago, find out about these listings and try to defend the building it as if their life is depending on it, while normal people would be concerned of their health and other peoples health. Heres some advice Dennis, just fix the problem. How could people give home to disease and be fine with it? If an event like the black plague were to occur again how do you think the disease will spread? VERY easily with bedbugs just like musquitos except


PS you should only take offence if you OWN the place. Otherwise you must have a connection with the owner of the building to make a comment like that:p

see full report...

I meant at 4050 Yonge St. Not 4000 Yonge St

My mom got covered and bitten by bed bugs. It was horrible and now we have to move all of your stuff out for pest control to come in. So now, after 4 months of coming here, into a new place at the 4000's, we have to through a bunch of our stuff out and pack all of our things back up again. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention, I'm in the middle of Final Exams at University. FML!!!!

This report is misleading, as it is well known that the landlord immediately acted on ensuring that the issue was dealt with. Block treatments (4 units or more) is a very pro-active way of treating to ensure the bedbugs do not spread. It seams that this landlord takes these matters seriously and let\'s not forget that bed bugs are brought in. If you read this site it will explain how. I am proud to call the 4000 my home and take offense that someone will maliciously post on this site.

september 23 2008 bed bugs found. they spayed 4 units. apparently it is a problem in both buildings.

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