2745 Yonge St
Toronto, ON M4N

Found 4 reports:

The bedbug was found on the fourth floor this Spring. One tenant contacted the landlord. They came to the room, but they didn't do anything. Since then bedbug has been spreading in this building. Several tenants contacted the landlord repeatedly, but up until now, no one has taken care of it.

Please keep me posted. I am thinking to move in, too. Does the super take care of them very well?

Please keep us posted, I am thinking to live there.

There is a matress and other belongings marked "infested with bed bugs" outside the rear entrance of 2745 Yonge St. So I am assuming there is a problem with the critters. As of yet, I haven't heard of any in 2755 Yonge Street. I will keep you posted.

No nearby bug reports