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I had bed bugs this spring, the landlord had a company come in twice to spray (two weeks apart. The first spray included the whole building for ants, they drilled holes in all the walls and then put screw on covers over most of them. I now have Bed Bugs again, The pest control was in Sept,20, 2011 and sprayed the beds, they will return on the 3rd of oct.to spray again and use a bomb. This time they are doing three apts. (including mine). Today Sept 22, I found bed bugs on the bottom of the pull

out shelf on my computer desk, as well as the head board in another bedroom. I asked tha maint. manager for some spray to use till the 3rd. and was told no, to wait for the 3rd, I was told the same by the landlord. I was hopeing to help keep them from spreading any futher, but no, so now I have put the head board out on the street next to a mattress that was put out the day of the spraying by another app., so I assume that the bugs will come back into building as that is where the kids wait for the school bus. I am on social ass.with a bad sholder,(can't lift or carry much), and my room mate is on O.D.S.P confined to a E-wheel chair. so money is very short(I have $166/month for food&clothing).

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