760 Gerrard St E
Toronto, ON M4M

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I recently moved into the building at 760 Gerrard and the super had told me that in the past they had a bed bug issue but it was resolved . Recently , I have noticed small red blotches on me and saw my doctor . He confirmed that it was bed bugs . In conversation with the Super she had indicated to me that many of the residents in the buuilding had perviously lived on the streets and were on the streets to homes programs . Also that they had a habbit of bringing items in they find on the street .

I have given my notice . Its not the building is not clean its the residents that live there . They are sketchy and you will often see them trying to bring in clothes and furnature off the streets. The super has sworn up and down that there are no bed bugs in the building but after also finding out that a resident in the basement apartment is a hoarder and the city needed to come and clean out his apartment . I am positive I am not imagining it . The managment there dosnt care at all and only seems to care when the rent is due. The place is noisy and everyone there wouldnt care really if they had bed bugs or not . Not the place you want to live .

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