718 Queen St E
Toronto, ON M4M

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We moved into the apartment Decemeber 4th and moved out of the apartment Decemeber 5th. The master bedroom was so infested that they were living in the ceiling. Pest control was called and our apartment and belongings were treated. However, it has become evident that the tenants prior to us were highly aware of the situation and chose to ignore it. They left all of their belongings on the balcony/deck, including the mattress that looks to be infested with bugs, blood, droppings and eggs.

My room mate and I first started getting bitten in June 2010. At first we were unsure of the cause, but we informed our landlord of the situation and they said they would take care of the problem. After waiting a week, nobody came to check out the apartment.
We continually called our landlord to have someone inspect the apartment and find out the root of the problem, however nobody was sent. Eventually the bites got worse, and we became sure that the culprits were bed bugs (due to a sighting).

When my room mate and I were sure that bed bugs were the cause, we called our landlord again (by this time 3 weeks had gone by) and they still refused to do anything Instead they insisted that it was our problem to deal with since they appeared while my room mate and I were living there. (Even though the law states that the landlord is responsible for pest control)

It wasn't until we called Ontario Health and had a representative personally speak to our landlord, that an exterminator was called.
We did not have our apartment treated until the end of August, even though we informed our landlord of the situation in early June.

Shortly after the apartment was sprayed my room mate and I moved out, and so are unable to report on the effectiveness of the treatment.

This apartment contains old carpeting and baseboards that are perfect conditions for bed bugs. Given the co-operation of our landlord with our situation, I would fully inspect the premises before moving in.

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