17 Renwick Cres
Toronto, ON M4M

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Bedbugs are being spread throughout the city no matter where it may be. I to have encountered bed bugs at 17 Renwick Cres. Its a horrible experience to go through. But one thing for sure. I can say I have witnessed tenants bring in things that they feel are useful to their units or to sell, that also does not help. I have seen tenants come and go with street people. I have seen alot of things I didnt see when growing up in this community. Now I consider who comes and goes in my unit. Because goi

ng through what I went through is not an option for me.

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Its been 3 weeks since housing had a through treatment done. Now starting to feel that maybe they are gone. I feel for everyone that has had them. Its a nightmare I hope is over for us. Good luck everyone.

Have lived at Th 32 for almost a year. Found we were being bitten about 2 weeks ago. Never had a problem before. Hope this doesn't last too long. Live right across from 33.

I stayed with my family over Christmas from the 19th to 26th of December 2007. They had a horrible bed bug infestation, and have been battling it since March.

They got it just when they moved in, so it was already a problem present in the building, as of now, they haven't heard from any of their neighbours if they have bedbugs or not, but they're pretty positive their upstairs neighbours do.

They live in Townhouse 33. It wouldn't surprise me if the rest of the community has problems with b

edbugs as well, which includes the other buildings on Pape.

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