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as the owner of this property, i feel that the problem is more likely to have been brought to the house by the tenant. there was no problem before she left and there was a problem immidiatly upon her return from vacation. as far as i know, the problem was isolated to her unit. i have never had a problem in my unit, and i have no knowledge of any problem in the adjoining house. as the tenant has pointed out the occupants of the adjoining house had been there for many months before she left.

the tenants moved in in the summer and the vacation was in late fall/early winter.

that said, i was happy to see the tenant take immidiat action. professionals where brought in to take care of the problem and the tenant showed considerable diligence in following up with what needed to be done.

the tenant informed me that the professional exterminator told her that he felt that it was enough to exterminate her unit.

i have researched this type of problem, and have searched my unit and found nothing.

it is my opinion that the problem was brought to the house by the tenant and dealt with in a timely manner.

i would like to note that i only point out that it was the tenant that introduced the problem to the house to establish that the problem was dealt with in a very timely manner, therefore minimizing the risk of a serious problem.

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i came back from vacation in the fall to a house full of bedbugs! New people moved into the other half of the duplex in the summer and since the construction of this house is pretty shoddy (cracks everywhere!), i think the bugs came through the wall. after a lot of hard work by me and a professional pest control agency, i've managed to get rid of the ones in my part of the house. but the landlord downstairs, although sympathetic to my plight, did not see any reason to take any measures downstair

s. i would be wary about moving in there since these bugs can live in the walls and the electrical wiring, making them hard to see. And if you don't react to the bites, you may not realize you have the bugs.

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