11 Sproat Ave
Toronto, ON M4M

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I'm a tenant this place is clean and no bed bugs

The infestation began in one room on the 2nd floor. It spread minorly to the room next to it and to a room on the third floor. Chemicals were used in abundance and the pest control company came back twice after the two heat treatments to spray the whole house thoroughly. About a month after the last spraying, tenants requested the pest control co. to bring in their bug sniffing dog, which they did. The dog found no bugs, and tenants have not found, or been bitten by, any bugs since then either.

Fall 2010-Winter 2011 infestation. Largely in one of the rooms but post heat treatment, traces in other rooms as well. First the affected room (second floor) was heat-treated, then the whole detached house (excepting the basement) was heated and sprayed. Following the heat treatments, bedbugs found in on the third floor.

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