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I lived at 108 Jones Ave in the upper unit from May - November 2009 and battled bed bugs the entire time. What a nightmare! I have all the emails from landlord Mike to prove that he was aware of the situation and he did in fact try to work with us. The main floor tenants had bed bugs as well and moved out around the same time. I cannot prove he knew about the existence of bed bugs before we moved in, although the other tenants and neighbors claimed he did know, and that bed bugs were the reason

the previous tenants had moved out. I sincerely hope a termination has been successful here, and that false postings do no exist.

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Bedbug registry flawed — but so popular -Toronto Star
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Liam Casey
Staff Reporter
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Maciej Ceglowski was bitten by the bug. Four years ago, the software developer woke up with a bite when he stayed at a San Francisco hotel.

Luckily, the culprit lay belly up on the nightstand after its final meal on Ceglowski’s blood. He carried it around for a few days until he identified it as a bedbug.

So he

started a website, bedbugregistry.com, where visitors log sightings. The problem, the California resident admitted, is that the content is user-generated and unverified.

“I would love for my website to be replaced by local city sites that are run by the department of public health or another agency so that people can verify these reports,” Ceglowski said. “But I don’t see that happening.”

The website divides people into two factions: those concerned with privacy versus the public’s right to information.

Mary O’Neil has never visited the registry, but her building’s address on Roselawn Ave. is listed. She said her apartment complex has battled bedbugs the past three years.

For O’Neil, information is not only critical, it could be lifesaving. She has an anaphylactic allergy to bedbug bites, which requires her to carry adrenalin.

“Dang right I’d find the site useful, because if I saw any mention of bedbugs somewhere, I wouldn’t be going there,” she said.

Then there is Eileen Shields, a public information officer with the City of San Francisco. Anyone can call the city to inquire about the bedbug history of an address.

“That website is just so irresponsible,” Shields said. “If people have a complaint about bedbugs, that’s not the place to do it. We’re the place to do it.”

The City of Toronto has no plans to develop a publicly accessible database, or offer a service like San Francisco’s, but it is collecting bedbug reports through an online survey, albeit without addresses.

The power of an unverified account was recently demonstrated when a movie-goer complained via Twitter of a bedbug bite she said she received at the Scotiabank Theatre, which will be hosting Toronto International Film Festival events. Panicky reports flew around the world until an inspection found no bugs.

MPP Mike Colle’s proposed Renters’ Right to Know Act would require landlords to let prospective tenants know of any bedbug problems over the past five years.

He now has second thoughts about that portion of the bill.

“It’s tough because a false bedbug report can ruin a business,” said Colle, MPP for Eglinton-Lawrence. “But what do you do when this registry is already out there? Each day, as I get deeper into this issue, it becomes more and more complex.”

Even if Toronto developed a website similar to Ceglowski’s, with updated and verifiable data, it wouldn’t come with any guarantees, according to Rima Zavys, co-chair of the city’s Bedbug Project Steering Committee.

“A registry may give a false peace of mind if you put in an address and nothing comes up,” Zavys said. “It doesn’t mean it’s safe.”

Despite privacy concerns, the public has an appetite for bedbug knowledge, if Ceglowski’s site is any indication. The Toronto section averages about 4,000 hits a day, Ceglowski said.

But until there’s another option, consumers are left with the flawed registry. Ceglowski knows just one false allegation could lead to a lawsuit.

“I’m going to run the site as long as I can without getting sued,” he said.

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Yea, this whole thing is insane. I do have to add that I have lived in this house for 2 years and have never had a pest issue, so I'm not sure who the person making the complaints is refering to.

ok, so far this house is cursed, had two murders, zombies, vampires, been on a horror tv show, claims that nothing works, oh yes, and everyone has begbugs.... that is totally believable. Notice the same person keeps coming back to post crazy stories and condem the house on this site? That tells you something about them right there.......

Hey, don't you owe a $ 1000 in rent and a stolen TV/fire extinguisher/shop vac? and yet you still come here to post lies..... Guess who the A hole is.....

You assholes ... get a life. Seriously. Who writes crap like this????

As the actual owner of this property I have to now weigh in on this issue. The posts are being made by an angry ex girlfriend who stayed in the apartment for a period of time. Sadly, this is the truth. At one time the house had a pest issue, but her posting began after she was asked to return a TV on loan to her as she was moving out. After that, she proceeded to steal the tv, the fire extingusher and posted the negative comments knowing the history of the house. During the course of her sta

y, she claimed issues with the house that did not exist to gain a sick sense of attention. These included fake electrical, plumbing, flooring, heat, appliance, and pest issues. It was a nightmare. To show her for what she is, a k9 unit came through the house last month as final proof there are no bedbugs. This individual is a disgrace, and is doing this out of spite. I will be posting her private emails send to me as indication of her mental state and untrustworthy nature.

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There has never been a tenant with the name "Rick" at 108 Jones for at least the past two years. The place has been treated by chemicals, heat, and steam. The adjoined house was likely the source of the issue and it was also treated. In total, 108 Jones was treated no less than 12 times; at least five various tenants independently reported an issue with bed bugs at different times. However, 6 months ago the landlord started refusing to treat since his intention was to sell the property leaving

the tenants alone to work on the issue themselves.
The last passage was obviously written by the landlord. Quite pathetic. It only supports what others have said and written about the landlord. Ask the tenants. They are very good people who have been treated poorly and have been utterly shafted by the landlord.

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Whow. Who wrote these rants? The landlord mentioned this site had a fake posting by an ex and I had to check it out. As a current tenant who has been here at 108 Jones for over 2 years I can say clearly there has been no begbugs for me or the other tenant who has also been here nearly two years. The landlord is excellent and very responsive. I'm shocked at how crazy these statements are and that this site could let false data be posted like this. Just had to put in my 2 cents.

The house still has bed bugs. Landlord has treated in the past but beware, he has refused to treat in the past six months and as a tenant, I've been forced to pay for treatment myself. Even when he did treat the place, it was always on his terms so you'd be forced out of your apartment for long periods of times and after one treatment, I came home and my apartment was literally turned upside down and serious damage was down by the deadbeat who treated the unit. It was a horrendous experience.

The owner blows me off and come right out and says he won't help with the problem. Over the past year and a half, I have spent over $2000 and have spent, on average, five hours a week treating my unit (e.g. steaming). It has been the most expensive, emotionally draining and damaging year and a half of my life. I regret ever moving in and am thrilled to be finally moving out--only stayed this long because I didn't want to move with bed bugs but I give up, I can't handle the situation any more. I have to throw out most of my stuff and start over and I have very, very good furniture that I have had for years. I'm devastated.

Don't listen to the landlord--he lies to everyone about everything. The house used to be a rooming house as was the house it is attached to. It has had bed bugs for years. There was a murder in the house next to this one and the woman who used to rent my unit two years ago was also murdered. Bed bugs is one thing but this unit is CURSED. Do the math--in the last two years there has been four tenants and I stayed the longest at one and a half years.

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I currently live in an house shared with two other tenants and we've all been having the bed bug problem.

The landlord has sprayed the place 7 times already but they're still here!

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