Redwood Ave
Toronto, ON M4L

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Submitting for 6 Redwood Avenue. I wasnt able to put the exact address. Haven't noticed bedbugs but the building is absolutely infested with cockroaches. They're inside the walls. I see them crawling in and out of baseboards, in cupboards and drawers. I havent been able to store food in my cupboards in months. I even see them crawling out of the caulking in the bathtub. The spraying they do will never fix the problem because they don't do all 8 units. Just the people who complain. I've be

en told this has been an issue for at least a few years, and it'll be problem for many to come unless the landlord is willing to do what it takes to solve it. Many of the tenants smoke inside their apartments and I come home to an absolutely horrid smelling home. I felt the need to at least try to put a warning out there. It's been a very stressful year living here and if I can deter someone from having to deal with it I'm going to do what I can. The rent is dirt cheap for a reason. It always is.

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