520 Kingston Rd
Toronto, ON M4L

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Place is severely infested. Landlord is slow (TCHC) to act, seems they don't care.

Don't move here, you'll live to regret it.

I recently moved out of this building because the bedbugs were uncontrollable.
Over the time span of a year, the apartment was sprayed 4 times. All our laundry was done, floor boards swept, curtains removed, I basically lived in a state of being half-pack/unpacked for months. I lived out of boxes and garbage bags and changed my clothes in my mom's shed before visiting her at her home. I believe I took all the necessary steps I could at controlling the situation, but they never went away. I don

't know for certain but if the entire building is infected, it could be why the bugs were never completely eliminated. The halls are completely carpeted and a number of unruly tenants will pick things from the garbage even after they've been warned of the bug threat.

Since moving, I've covered my mattress and box spring with bug-proof slip covers from pest control and have not been bitten or seen a bug for 8 months. The covers were expensive, but not as expensive as having to replace a practically new bed. A HUGE relief.

Please avoid this building! (And possibly the building right next door.)

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