501 Kingston Rd
Toronto, ON M4L

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I moved in to 501 Kingston Road in November 2008.

We have had sweeping problems with bedbugs and they did get into my unit.

The superintendant typically blames each resident and threatens they will be born with any costs. He brings up a steamer, and reluctantly will pay for a pest control company. If you have not correctly prepared the apartment, the warranty is voided, he will still let them spray (instead of getting you to properly prepare) and then tell you that you are now responsibl

e for any future infestations. He is a little tyrant and is now trying to have tenants pay $75.00 each for pigeon netting while allowing old ladies' immovable taps to remain unfixed.

good place to avoid.

see full report...

I had a serious infestation of bedbugs from July 2009 until April 2010 when I finally moved out. Management were slow to respond and bedbugs reoccured several times. This building has a history of bedbug infestation but I was not aware of it when I moved in.

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