500 Kingston Rd
Toronto, ON M4L

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My father has been living at this address for 3 months(since March 2012) and it is fully infested with bed bugs. I am sure some of the residents are not complaining due to nowhere to go and being elderly. This is a retirement home.
My father cannot sleep at night for being bitten over and over. They said they are addressing the issue , however it is the maintenance personnel , not a professional exterminator that is handling this and it is taking forever. People, especially elders should not ha

ve to suffer thru this type of enviornment.
We are trying to deal with it by powders, however if the building is infested it is futile point.

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I went with a friend to visit their grandmother duing the fall of 2010 and noticed red bumps on some of the residents, but didn't think nothing of it - I just thought that they were spots of aging. Later on in the week my friend informed me that her grandmother's room has bedbugs and as a matter of fact the whole building is INFESTED - literally - INFESTED with bedbugs. Their maintenance man has been treating the rooms with store bought spray for well over a year now and it hasn't been helping

. The manager doesn't seem to care much, because she's not trying to inforce better care.

If you're thinking about bringing your parents or grandparents to Liberty Place - DON"T! Find a better place!

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