419 Coxwell Ave
Toronto, ON M4L

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I lived in 212 and moved out a almost 3 years ago. The exterminator that comes waters down the chemicals and he does a quick spray and that's it. Management there is in total denial and have been for several years. What's worse is there is a francophone daycare there and lets just say the people who drop off their kids there are not of low class income. Don't take your kids to any parties there and NEVER buy anything from the annual garage sale they have. Because then you will be paying to b

ring them into your home.

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Go over to www.bedbugger.com (there is also a link to it in "About" on this website. Ask your question for information in the Forum there.

Apartment 312 is infested! The property management lied to me and said there was no bugs when there was/is. The whole building is infested. I know this because I spoke to other tenants on various floors. It is carpeted through out and they refuse to remove it even though it's infested. Beware!

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