4 Kingston Rd
Toronto, ON M4L

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Do NOT move into any of the buildings under this companies care at this location. As a recently past tenant the bed bug problem has never been dealt with properly. They will bomb a floor of units but never the whole building only causes the problem to move around.
The problem was so bad they were in the MAIL BOXES... then carried into our home. You could see them running along the common areas/stairwells. In corners of spiderwebs having been eaten, it was disgusting.
My boyfriend and I wi

th our two cats went through 2 winters of dealing with them and narrowly missed a third as we were checked and cleared a week before moving out as the problem surfaced again. We feared having people over or going to visit anyone and he has a daughter. Also good luck getting anything reimbursed if you have to toss it due to the bugs. If you think you'll ever have to fight them in court make sure everything is documented well.

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Just found a bed bug in my bathroom... middle of the day.. havent been living in the building for 2 months and i'm already not impressed i asked the landlord before moving in, they assured me it was safe< and now that i'm all setteled this happens... after reading the previous posts i'm certainly going to caulk my baseboards and electrical outlets.. hopefully something will be done about it but im guessing nothing will be a long term fix

Update Nov 18, 2010

Well here we are a year later, still getting bites. Useless landlords, cheapest solution ALWAYS, lets just send a guy every 2 weeks to spread poison thrugh your home. He wont make a follow up two weeks later like he should, hell one guy even set of a BUG BOMB , which any research will tell you only spreads them to other apartments.. Pathetic...

Still paying full rent, they still rent to people without telling them what they are moving into... go through a new proper

ty manager every month, they ignore all written corespondence and do not return calls.

Also have started catching a mouse a night for last few weeks.

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About 2 Months October 2009 ago the Bites started, Then we caught about 9 bed bugs over the course of 3 days.

Landloard was quick to send a pest control guy to spray but was not impressed with his work. He was in and out of the apartment in 20mins, told us no info and had to have him come back 2 weeks later.
Have had it confirmed that apartment below us has them and that another apartment had had them recently.

This is a 100% confirmed bedbugs as I have 9 of them in a jar and the

pco I.D. them as well.

I am writting this on December 06,2009 and it has been a month and a half living with no furniture and sleepless nights, when I do sleep I often have bed bug nightmares.

I have no real hope of getting any of the $ this will cost us back, and the landloard still expects rent every month to live in this nightmare.

We have suggested the property buy a Dry Steamer for residents to share to help us help fight the problem, but I am not holding out hope they will spend the money.

We are at #4 Kingston Rd intersection of Queen and Kingston Rd and we have 3 confirmed apartments with them, on two different floors.

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