376 Highfield Rd
Toronto, ON M4L

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Can anyone tell me what the owners name is?

Hi everybody!
If you seem to be pretty concerned about the possibility of finding these little nightmares in your bed and furniture, or even biting you in the middle of the night I wouldn't rent at this address. We were recently interested in the place, we went to see it a couple of times and we were about to sign the lease but as soon as we asked owner about bedbugs he changed his mind. Suspicious, you may think...right?

My advice: If you wanna play 100% sure, find yourself an apartment t

hat hasn't have bedbugs in he past. If they were so sure they don't have bedbugs anymore why changing their mind?

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Hi I am the owner of this property. The person who wrote the first report is the person who didn't pay the rent for 4 months and tried to get away without paying the rent. She planned all this scenerio. She also lost the case in Tenent & Landlord Board. Moreover I bear the expenses twice for fumigation while she was living in the property without paying rent and we did proper fumigation from orkins after she left the property.

Hi there,

Please remove 376 Highfield rd from your registry. We are living in the basement and there is no bed bug issue here. Thank you.

In June a woman moved into the basement apartment, she moved out a few days later I couldn't figure out why she was doing so much laundry. The landlord told me he kicked her out because she had to many people living there. Three weeks ago my grandson stayed overnight he woke up with welts all over his body. I asked the landlady if she knew what it was because she works in a daycare, she said oh its probably from the swimming pool. I looked it up on line and found out it was bedbug bites. I felt

terrible and felt I should tell the landlord, so I did. She acted very surprised, Then I talked with the young man downstairs who moved in Aug 1st. He said he's moving because of bedbugs. He told the landlord shortly after he moved in. I am furious, the landlord has known since June that the place has bugs and never told me. I have had to throw out furniture and clothes I'm going to leave my bed and couch in the apartment and let them deal with it. I wish I could get something in writting from the others who lived here as Im taking them to the tribunal.

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the landlord here kick me and my child out becasue i complained about the problem, he told me "you are the filty person who brought them" CLEARLY THAT WAS NOT THE CASE!!!! THE WALLS WERE INFESTED, THE BASEBOARD WERE and he was a complete jerk about the situation. he told me that i was costing him to much money...and a inconvienece and that if "you dont like it, Levave within 24 hours and i will give your money back" we moved in june 1 and this happened june 2!!! IT WAS THAT BAD!!!!!

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