264 Ashdale Ave
Toronto, ON M4L

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I currently live here and have had no issues.
this was obviously resolved and if you need an exterminator to get rid of bedbugs then you will probably need to call them again. this is a paradox for some moving is the only option.. be it ignorance or stupidity moving is not the solution, especially if you are dirtty, lazy, morons who just throw house parties like a fraternity, getting wasted all the time, leaving a path of blame,neglect or destruction around and behind them you will definitely b

e taking some of those effing parasites with you.. dummies.

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About 2 months ago bed bugs appeared in the top apt of this row house turned into rental apts. Initial vacuuming and dusting was done to rid of the bed bugs only in the unit affected. Exterminators were apparently called but never showed. Apparently it was sprayed at a later date. Landlord difficult to communicate with (text, calling) and rarely returns calls. Tenants moved out.

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